10 Best Hammers Made in the USA (2023 List)

Many hand tool companies that make hammers outsource manufacturing to countries where the cost of labor and manufacturing is lower. This makes it more difficult for those of us who use hammers on a regular basis to find a reliable hammer, especially one made in the USA. The good news is that there are still plenty of great American-made hammers out there if you know where to look.

Hammers Made in USA Guide

In the rest of this guide, we’ll be showing you a great list of hammers made in the USA made by brands that are dedicated to keeping their manufacturing within the United States and supporting American workers.

List of American-Made Hammers

1. Estwing Hammers (Most Options)

Estwing Hammers

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Estimated Price Varies by model
Types of Hammers Claw and framing hammers, ball peen, and many more
Material Solid steel, wood
Location Produced Rockford, IL

Product Origin and Manufacturer Information:

Estwing is a leader in American-made hand tools, and the company’s hammers are no exception. Since its founding in 1923, Estwing has remained a family-owned company. They are one of the largest and most successful tool companies. The number of hammers they offer is astonishing, so you’ll be able to find a perfect hammer for your intended use cases.

What We Like and Don’t Like About These Hammers:

I’ve used Estwing hammers for years, and I’ve really come to love the company. One standout feature that their hammers have is their proprietary shock reduction grip that reduces up to 70 percent of vibrations caused by each impact. This grip was introduced in 2001 and was really a game-changer for those who already loved Estwing hammers. This makes the experience of hammering far more comfortable.

Another thing I love about Estwing hammers is that many feature a single-piece construction. I personally prefer this design because you don’t have to wonder if the hammerhead will come loose from its handle. Being that they are made from a single piece of steel, there are no welds to break or connections to loosen. Compared to hammers that don’t have single-piece construction, it just feels a whole lot stronger.

Estwing’s hammers are famous for their narrow necks, which increases the ease with which they swing through the air to meet their targets. The Estwing hammer design is exceptional, which is why they are beloved by so many in the construction industry. They also offer most of their hammers at different weights, so you can find a perfect weight to meet your preferences.

Estwing hammers are also great in terms of overall value. Estwing does a good job of creating high-quality tools that almost anyone can afford without sacrificing build quality or creating dangerously unreliable tools.

Who We Recommend These Hammers For:

We recommend Estwing hammers to anyone because they are extremely well-built and versatile. Estwing knows how to produce fine steel tools that are widely trusted among professionals and DIYers across a multitude of industries. Compared to many other hammers made overseas, Estwing hammers are around the same price, but their quality is far superior.

Here is a little promo video by Estwing that talks about their company and values.

2. Klein Tools Straight-Claw Hammer

Klein Tools Claw Hammer

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Estimated Price $60
Type of Hammer Claw electrician’s hammer
Material Steel, fiberglass
Weight 18 oz. (head)
Length 15 in.
Location Produced Mansfield, TX

Product Origin and Manufacturer Information:

The Klein Tools Electrician’s Straight Claw Hammer is a performance hammer specifically designed for the precision work that electricians do on a daily basis.

Klein Tools was founded in 1857 was Mathias Klein and his descendants as a plier manufacturer. The company makes far more than just pliers now, but its hand tool origins are clear.

This hammer is made in the USA, but not all Klein Tools are. Still, the company has a strong commitment to American manufacturing. More of Klein Tools are made in America than anywhere else, and the company has never closed an American facility to send jobs overseas.

While the company has overseas facilities, it continues to invest in American facilities and grow American manufacturing as a priority.

What We Like and Don’t Like About These Hammers:

The Electrician’s Straight Claw Hammer also features shock reduction, similar to the Estwing. However, Klein Tools’ shock reduction comes from the hammer’s unique high-strength fiberglass shaft. The fiberglass makes for a non-conductive handle that ensures safety when working in the electrician’s field. A neoprene grip adds comfort.

The narrow neck and small face make the Electrician’s Straight Claw Hammer suitable for working in tight spaces, such as outlet boxes, which electricians often have to do. The hammer has a superior balance that electricians prefer. Klein Tools offers a lifetime warranty on material defects and workmanship for the normal life of the product.

Who We Recommend These Hammers For:

Unsurprisingly, we recommend this hammer for electricians. Klein Tools is considered one of the top brands in the electrical industry. This hammer’s fiberglass construction, shock reduction, slim neck, and narrow impact face combine to form an ideal hand tool for electricians everywhere.

3. Dalluge Framing Hammer

Dalluge Framing Hammer

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Estimated Price $70
Type of Hammer Claw framing hammer
Material Steel, hickory wood
Weight 21 oz.
Length 17 in.
Location Produced Hebron, IL

Product Origin and Manufacturer Information:

The Dalluge Framing Hammer is another aptly named hammer on our list. This hammer features a serrated face designed to grip nails. However, you can also get Dalluge hammers with smooth faces if you prefer.

Gerald Dalluge began making hammers in 1980 after an accident at work left him unable to be as active. His new design was wildly successful. Dalluge was bought by Vaughan in 1999. Fortunately, Vaughan also offers a wide range of hammers made in the USA, along with other hand tools made domestically.

What We Like and Don’t Like About These Hammers:

The Dalluge Framing Hammer is a nice-looking hammer with a precise, balanced feel for easy swinging and nail driving. The hammer is not too heavy, but it offers a lot of power. If you prefer hammers with wooden handles, a Dalluge Framing Hammer might be the one for you.

The serrated striking face works to grip nails, preventing nail slippage and bent nails. The only downside to this feature is that it leaves marks on whatever wood you are hammering.

As mentioned above, you can get a Dalluge Framing Hammer with a smooth striking face to avoid the serrated marks on your hammering surfaces. The hammer is also available with a curved handle and magnetic nail-holding capabilities.

Who We Recommend These Hammers For:

We recommend this hammer for professional tradespeople who prefer wooden hammer handles to steel ones. This is an important distinction to make, seeing as how both the Estwing and the Dalluge framing hammers are so popular.

Additionally, if you were a fan of the renowned carpenter and writer Larry Haun, you probably know that he used a Dalluge framing hammer in his later years. In our experience, Dalluge makes some of the highest quality American-made tools, and their USA-made hammers are no exception.

4. AMPCO H-19FG Hammer

Ampco Hammer Claw

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Estimated Price $60
Type of Hammer Industrial safety claw hammer
Material Aluminum bronze head, fiberglass handle
Weight 12 oz.
Length 14 in.
Location Produced Garland, TX

Product Origin and Manufacturer Information:

The AMPCO Safety Tools Non-Sparking Claw Hammer is a curved claw hammer, the first on our list. It is also the only aluminum bronze hammer on our list. AMPCO tools are designed for safety, so this is not your average, everyday hammer. It was designed as a safe alternative for use in certain volatile environments.

AMPCO is a condensed version of the company’s older name, The American Metal Products Company. Inventor August Littman and a group of entrepreneurs formulated a bronze alloy that could cut steel and the company produced the very first line of aluminum bronze safety tools nearly 100 years ago in 1922.

What We Like and Don’t Like About These Hammers:

AMPCO is the pioneer of this particular alloy, and it continues to shine in the world of safety tools. The Non-Sparking Claw Hammer is, of course, non-sparking, as well as non-magnetic and non-corrosive. It is designed for use in cleanrooms, near MRI machines, and on jobs where flammable and combustible materials are present.

The fiberglass handle, like the Klein Tools Electrician’s Claw Hammer, is non-conductive, so users are safe to perform operations without worry. The AMPCO Non-Sparking Claw Hammer is available with 16- and 24-ounce heads.

Who We Recommend These Hammers For:

We recommend this hammer for tradespeople who work in hazardous environments. OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration), MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration), and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) advise that workers use non-sparking hammers and hand tools when working in certain conditions.

Non-sparking tools are safe when there is a concern for sparks igniting flammable materials and causing fires or explosions. Additionally, non-magnetic tools should be used near MRI machines and other similar equipment. The price is quite reasonable for a trusted brand, and overall it’s one of the best hammers made in the USA.

5. Original Hardcore Hammer 2

Hardcore Hammer 2

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Estimated Price $95
Type of Hammer Claw framing hammer
Material Hardened steel, hickory wood
Weight 21 oz.
Length 18 in.
Location Produced Hillsboro, IL

Product Origin and Manufacturer Information:

The Original HARDCORE Hammer 2.0 is not just called that for kicks. Harcore Hammers gets its name from the hardened steel core the company includes in each hammerhead. So, while the company name is fun, it is also practical. Recently, Hardcore Hammers redesigned its Original model, hence HARDCORE Hammer 2.0.

Hardcore Hammers are all made and sourced in the USA. The company uses steel from foundries and companies in Wisconsin and Illinois. American hickory wood is sourced from Arkansas. The company offers a lifetime warranty on heads against manufacturer defects.

What We Like and Don’t Like About These Hammers:

This hammer features a patented hardened steel indented traction layer for maximum nail grip. The company calls this the “waffle face.” Unlike other hammers with serrated striking faces, this hammer’s waffle face is inserted deeper into the face rather than flush with the face’s edge.

Magnetized nail sections add convenience and the straight claw fits multiple nail sizes for ripping nails. The ergonomically curved handle is extra comfortable for holding and swinging. Hardcore Hammers created an optimally balanced hammer to give users precise control over their swings.

Who We Recommend These Hammers For:

We recommend this hammer for professionals who do not mind spending a bit extra. At $95, this is by no means the most expensive hammer on our list, but it is quite a bit more expensive than the Estwing or Vaughan. With the new additions, the HARDCORE Hammer 2.0 is worth a try, as it has great reviews and excellent features.

6. Vaughan & Bushnell Professional Framing Hammer

Vaughan&Bushnell Framing Hammer

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Estimated Price $35
Type of Hammer Claw framing hammer
Material Steel, hickory wood
Weight 20 oz.
Length 16 in.
Location Produced Hebron, IL

Product Origin and Manufacturer Information:

The Vaughan & Bushnell 999 Professional Framing Hammer is a highly recommended hammer among tradespeople and carpenters. This 999ML is a slightly longer version, which many prefer. It has the quintessential “hammer” look about it, though it is actually based on a unique rip hammer designed that Vaughan originated.

The company was actually founded as a plumbing business in the 1800s, but founder Alexander Vaughan was inventive and quickly turned to hand tools.

What We Like and Don’t Like About These Hammers:

This hammer has a very strong strike thanks to the added steel behind the milled face. The steel hammerhead is finished with a powdered coating to resist rust and durability. The face is milled for a strong nail grip, like some other hammers on this list.

Vaughan hammers are well-known for their balance and comfort. That is why they are one of the largest manufacturers of striking tools. Customers rave about how long their Vaughan tools last, and this hammer is likely no exception. The triple-wedged hickory handle is designed to be extremely durable, just like the hammerhead.

Who We Recommend These Hammers For:

Vaughan has a loyal following, so we recommend this hammer to those who are looking for a tried-and-true hammer that is highly rated. When it comes to Vaughan versus Estwing, it becomes a toss-up based on handle material and brand loyalty. I personally love this USA-made hammer and feel that it’s an excellent choice.

7. Stiletto Hammers TBM14RMC

Stiletto Tibone Mini Hammer

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Estimated Price $250
Type of Hammer Claw frame hammer
Material Titanium
Weight 14 oz.
Length 15.25 in.
Location Produced Winton, CA

Product Origin and Manufacturer Information:

The Stiletto TI-Bone Mini Milled Face Hammer is a small hammer, so it would not be considered a framing hammer like many others on our list. The titanium head also sets it apart from every other claw hammer listed here. Titanium hammers create less shock and reverberation than steel hammers.

Nearly all of Stiletto’s hammers are made in China, but all-titanium hammers like this one are not.

What We Like and Don’t Like About These Hammers:

Being a titanium hammer, the TI-Bone Mini Milled Face Hammer definitely has a leg up on the rest of the competition. Titanium is much lighter than steel but can provide just as much power behind each strike. According to Stiletto, this hammer drives like a 24-ounce steel hammer but only weighs 14 ounces.

The hammer’s axe-style grip is extremely interesting. We have reviewed axes here before, so seeing an axe handle on a hammer is striking (no pun intended). The handle is ergonomically contoured with a comfortable rubber grip. Stiletto patented this particular side nail puller, which can fit different nail sizes.

Overall, this is an interesting small hammer with quite a few practical uses.

Who We Recommend These Hammers For:

We recommend this hammer for someone who has a lot of money to spend on a hammer. At $250, this is extremely expensive. Being all-titanium, this hammer is going to be more expensive than other steel hammers. However, this hammer definitely gives sticker shock, especially for such a small package.

Additionally, if you want to buy hammers made in the USA from companies that only manufacture and source from the USA, Stiletto is not for you.

8. Douglas Tool TC20 Framing Hammer

Douglas Tool Framing Hammer

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Estimated Price $180
Type of Hammer Framing hammer
Material Stainless steel, hickory wood
Weight 20 oz.
Length 17 in.
Location Produced Santa Cruz, CA

Product Origin and Manufacturer Information:

The Douglas Tool Framing Hammer is a beautiful hammer with a unique design. It is available in a satin and a red satin finish. Interestingly, Douglas Tools is owned and operated by one person: Todd Douglas Coonrad. That means, from what we can tell, one guy is behind designing and making every hammer purchased from Douglas Tools.

Not surprisingly, inventory is limited. When supplies run low, the company is unable to handmake hammers for shipment. However, at this time, items are on true backorder. Douglas Tools does source some materials from outside the US, but the majority of the finished product is American-made and manufactured in California.

What We Like and Don’t Like About These Hammers:

We love the look of the Douglas Tool Framing Hammer. It is unlike anything else on the list. The hammerhead is a thing of beauty. Additionally, each Douglas Tool hammer features the patented “handle-to-head interface technology” that strengthens the hammer’s overall durability and adds leverage where the head meets the handle.

The hammer features a straight claw to pull nails as all framing claw hammers do, but it also has a side space for nail-pulling. This hammer also has a magnetic nail set for convenience, so nails do not get lost during carpentry work.

It is impossible to ignore the high price of this hammer. However, you have to take into consideration the fact that one person is running this company, designing this hammer, and likely constructing it before shipping it to buyers. That alone is justification for a higher price tag. Plus, the Douglas Tool Framing Hammer is like a work of art.

Who We Recommend These Hammers For:

We recommend this hammer for someone who has the money to spend on a hammer they love. This hammer is a good fit for someone who does not mind waiting a while for shipping since it will likely be back-ordered for a while.

The Douglas Tool Framing Hammer is a good fit for a customer who does not mind that Todd Douglas Coonrad sources some materials from overseas, as Douglas Tool is a primarily American made small business.

9. ABC Hammers Striking Tool

ABC Hammers Brass Hammer

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Estimated Price $50
Type of Hammer Brass Mallet
Material Brass Head and Hickory Handle
Weight 1lb, 2lb, 3 lb or 5lb
Length 12.5 in.
Location Produced Sarasota, FL

Product Origin and Manufacturer Information:

The ABC Hammers 3.5 Inch Brass hammer is a brass-headed hammer with a beautiful hickory wood handle or a fiberglass handle option which is linked below. This brass-headed hammer is designed to be used in situations where it would be necessary to have a non-magnetic and non-sparking striking capable hammer that is available in multiple weights.

ABC Foundry and American Precision Castings came together when they realized that their custom-crafted brass hammers were extremely popular and had a market of their own. All ABC Hammers are proudly made in the USA, and it’s not uncommon for them to take custom requests.

What We Like and Don’t Like About These Hammers:

Despite the idea of a hammer being rather simple and intuitive, it’s not easy creating a hammer that sets itself apart from the rest of the market. Sure, you can craft them in America using good old American craftsmanship to ensure a high level of quality and patriotism, but what else is there to do to achieve a unique and special place in the market? Well, slap on a polished and hefty mallet-shaped brass head that never corrodes, never sparks, and doesn’t cause marring, and now you’ve got something special to deliver to the market.

It’s just a hammer, but it’s not. These are special, and they’re especially useful for those who really need a rough and tough hammer that’ll withstand just about anything but also has those extra attributes, such as being non-marring and non-magnetic. It’s not easy to put into words, but these hammers do exude a level of premium craftsmanship you’d expect from our fellow Americans but also a level of material and design choices that you just don’t find with most other hammers, whether they’re American-made or not.

Who We Recommend These Hammers For:

Since these aren’t exactly expensive, I’d recommend these hammers to almost anyone that needs a good all-rounder style hammer to use across a myriad of different applications. Sure, they’re initially designed for those working in foundries or machining environments, but if you find yourself in need of a hammer despite not having anything to do with foundry or machining work, this hammer will suffice for just about anyone in any situation.
If you aren’t a fan of the hickory handle, you can find the brass ABC hammer also available, with the same weight options, equipped with a modernized fiberglass handle here.

10. ABC Hammers Dead Blow Hammer

ABC Hammer DeadBlow

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Estimated Price $110
Type of Hammer Polyurethane Mallet
Material Polyurethane
Weight 9 lb.
Length 26 in.
Location Produced Sarasota, FL

Product Origin and Manufacturer Information:

The ABC Hammers Dead Blow Hammer is a mallet-style hammer made of polyurethane reinforced with a steel interior and steel-shot-filled head. According to ABC Hammers, this dead blow hammer is designed to outlast others in its class made of different materials by 10 to 20 times.

ABC Hammers, Inc. was created when its parent companies, ABC Foundry and American Precision Castings, found that their brass hammers were extremely popular and had a market of their own. ABC Hammers proudly makes all hammers in the USA and can customize hammers to customer specifications.

What We Like and Don’t Like About These Hammers:

The ABC Hammers Dead Blow Hammer is specifically designed to be non-magnetic, non-marring, non-sparking, and chemical-resistant. It is made to be extremely safe in high-risk areas. Dead blow hammers like this one are commonly used in automotive work, construction, shipyards, mining, and other potentially dangerous industries.

The steel-shot-filled head canister creates a powerful striking force for sustained impact without bounce. ABC Hammers Dead Blow Hammer is bright red, which offers high visibility on job sites for added safety. This hammer is available in several weights, including 9-, 10.5-, and 12-pound versions.

Who We Recommend These Hammers For:

We recommend this dead blow hammer for anyone who needs a dead blow-style mallet. There are all kinds of industries, including those we listed above, where dead blow-style hammers are used. ABC Hammers designed this mallet to be extremely durable, and overall it’s simply one of the highest quality USA-made hammers out there.

Factors We Considered

Hammer Type and Style

The style of the hammer and the shape of its head are probably going to be the first attributes to hammer down. To choose, you’ll need to first think about what you need your hammer for and how you’ll tend to use it. Those who work with our hands know exactly what hammerheads are suitable for which tasks, but those who don’t and just need something for those oddball hammering tasks would likely benefit from a general claw-shaped hammer or even a small mallet, as they’re pretty useful for most tasks, especially for those around the house DIY jobs.


Weight is likely going to be the second most important aspect of choosing a hammer. On one hand, if it’s too heavy and cumbersome, you won’t carry it around with you, and you surely won’t want to use it for long durations of time. On the other, a heavier hammer actually makes the act of hammering itself significantly easier as you need fewer blows to get the job done, as gravity is aiding you while increasing the effectiveness of each successful strike. Heaviness also generally translates to size, and while a hammer is a useful tool, it’s likely not your only tool, so you’ll need to consider how much storage space you have as well as having the space or carrying capacity to lug it around along with all of your other gear.

Time Tested Hammers

We looked for hammers that were durable and rated highly. We wanted to review hammers that stood the test of time and could actually take a beating as intended. Additionally, we considered hammers that were comfortable to use. Special features like safety, magnetic nail holders, and unique design also made this list, and we can’t forget our most basic requirement, American craftsmanship.


Finally, the material of the hammer and its handle play a critical role in its durability and how it behaves, as well as how much it might weigh. Certain materials, like brass, may be suitable for specific instances where you work in an environment near flammable materials and thus need a heavy and hard hammerhead material absent of sparking. There are many materials available, and it’s up to you to decide on how you’ll use your hammer and which materials are most appropriate for the job at hand, and the environment in which the job is being conducted.

Wrapping Things Up:

When compiling this list of hammers made in USA, we stuck to certain hammer types. For instance, there are all kinds of hammers out there, like 3′ long sledge hammers, however, we assumed that our readers were most interested in hammers that were suitable for a wide variety of tasks and could be easily transported and stored by the average person.

There are not a great many companies that make their hand tools in the USA. However, of the hammers made in the USA, there are several great options to choose from. The greats, like Estwing and Vaughan, have several amazing hammers, while other lesser-known companies have extensive catalogs that deserve praise and recognition.

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  1. I’ve been working construction for 18 years now and my favorite hammers to this day are still Estwing. Really well made. I really only like 1 piece hammers and find theirs to be very strong and well designed.

    • Hey there, I also have some Estwing too and they’re great. I too like the 1 piece because you don’t have to worry about the head ever coming off or anything crazy happening.


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