American Made Drones (14 Top Brands in 2024)

Additionally, the demand for drones has increased dramatically in recent years. People all across the United States use drones for photography, filmmaking, and even drone racing.

Although many of the drones sold in the USA are made overseas to capitalize on cheaper labor and materials, there are still plenty of great American-made drones out there!

Drones Made in USA Guide

In the list below, we’ve included is a wide range of drone brands that are dedicated to producing their devices in America.

You’ll find options that vary in cost, design, and capabilities so that you can make the right choice no matter what type of drone you need or the budget you have available.

List of Drones Made in the USA


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Origin Washington
Year Founded 2014
Types of Drones Offered Commercial drones, hobby drones

Autel’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Before we get into the history of Autel, it’s important to know that the company has done a significant amount of its manufacturing in China in the past. However, in recent years, Autel has released several drones that are manufactured exclusively in the USA – which is why we’ve included them on this list.

Autel is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial and hobby drones around the globe, so when they announced that they would be moving their manufacturing process to the USA, it was met with excitement within the industry. After all, Autel’s history is rooted in the United States, so it’s good news that they’re returning to their roots.

Autel’s Drone Selection and Offerings

Autel’s EVO II Dual is manufactured in the USA, with over 75% of the components being sourced in America. This drone has a high-res, dual 640 FLIR Boson Thermal sensor with an 8K camera. As a result, it’s capable of capturing images or videos with exceptional clarity. This drone is perfect for filmmakers, photographers, or those who need aerial footage for commercial purposes.

The maximum flight time of the EVO II Dual doesn’t compare to some of the more powerful drones we’ve covered in this guide so far, but it can still stay in the air for up to 38 minutes and is capable of reaching an impressive 45 mph.

In the video above, you can see a detailed breakdown of Autel Robotics’ drone designs, the quality of their components, and the way they are operated.


DVAerialCam Website

Origin New York
Year Founded 2016
Types of Drones Offered Commercial drones

DVAerialCam’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

DVAerialCam was founded in 2016 and manufactures a range of drones for construction, inspections, insurance purposes, public safety, and the mining industry.

DVAerialCam’s Drone Selection and Offerings

The DVAerialCam sUAS-n4 is one of the company’s standout drones for construction purposes. Designed to take aerial photographs and videos for survey creations, this drone is very easy to launch, making it ideal for quick and accurate data collection.

For inspection purposes, DVAerialCam offers several drones, including the excellent sUAS-e8. This drone can generate highly accurate 2D and 3D models of buildings, structures, and areas of land to identify any problems or work that is required.

All of DVAerialCam’s drones are made in the USA, and you can find a demonstration reel of the brand’s devices in the video above.

Impossible Aerospace

Impossible Aerospace

Origin California
Year Founded 2016
Types of Drones Offered Commercial drones

Impossible Aerospace’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Founded in 2016 by Spencer Gore, Impossible Aerospace is headquartered in the city of Santa Clara, California. The brand has been dedicated to keeping all of its manufacturing, sourcing of materials, and designing in the USA, and it has received backing from notable investors such as Eclipse Ventures, Airbus Ventures, and Bessemer Venture Partners.

In 2020, Impossible Aerospace was acquired by Alpine 4 Technologies and was made a full-owned subsidiary of Alpine 4.

Impossible Aerospace’s Drone Selection and Offerings

Impossible Aerospace’s most notable drone is the US-. It’s a commercial-grade multi-rotor device that was initially released in 2018. This drone’s reliability is highlighted by the fact that it was used by the Campbell Police Department to assist with the rest of an armed suspect in 2019, and it has also been used to help local firefighters by providing a thermal video feed.

The camera installed on the US-1 captures video in 4K color and has a pair of micro SD readers which make it easy to save footage. With a maximum cruising time of 1 and a half hours, this drone’s battery life is one of the best in the business.

Instant Eye Robotics

Visit Instant Eye Robotics

Origin Massachusetts
Year Founded 2013
Types of Drones Offered Commercial drones

Instant Eye Robotics’ Origin and Manufacturing Locations

InstantEye Robotics is owned by Physical Sciences Inc and was first established in 2013. The brand is based in Andover, Massachusetts, and is dedicated to producing affordable, high-quality commercial drones for a range of different purposes.

Instant Eye Robotics’ Drone Selection and Offerings

InstantEye Robotics manufactures two ranges of American-made drones. Firstly the MK-2 Systems are affordable drones that have been used by the US Military, law enforcement, and international security teams. The MK-2 GEN3-A0 has a maximum video range of up to 2km and can be used for 30 minutes continuously.

The InstantEye MK-3 Systems are suitable for demanding applications and can handle extreme weather conditions. These drones are semi-autonomous and boast heavy-duty construction. The main difference between the MK-2 and MK-3 Systems that InstantEye Robotics produces is that the former are analog drones, while the latter range is based on digital technology.

The MK3 GEN5 drone is an exceptional device by InstantEye Robotics, which is ideally suited for military purposes. In the video above, InstantEye demonstrates the ways that this drone can be used most effectively.

Lucid Drones

Visit Lucid Drones

Origin North Carolina
Year Founded 2017
Types of Drones Offered Commercial drones

Lucid Drones’ Origin and Manufacturing Locations

In 2018, Lucid Drone Technologies was formed by Andrew Ashur and David Danielson in Charlotte, North Carolina. A year later, the company managed to raise $150,000 inc capital investments and began designing its first drones. The thing that makes Lucid Drone Technologies unique amongst other industrial drone companies is that they mainly focus on producing smart drones for heavy-duty cleaning applications. The company has quickly risen to the forefront of the cleaning drone industry and has partnered with large brands such as T-Mobile in recent years.

Lucid Drones’ Selection and Offerings

When Lucid designed the C1 Drone, they set out to transform the cleaning industry. This device combines simple operation with the ability to reach locations that are unsafe for human cleaners, significantly improving the condition of buildings and other structures.

The C1 is equipped with onboard WiFi and LTE so that the device can be updated and optimized regularly via the Lucid customer service team, and rather than relying on high-pressure cleaning methods, it utilizes specific solutions to avoid damaging surfaces and other equipment.


Visit Parrot Website

Origin Massachusetts
Year Founded 1994
Types of Drones Offered Military drones, commercial drones

Parrot’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Parrot originated in Paris, France, in 1994. The company specialized in the manufacturing of wireless products until 2017 when it began to focus all of its efforts on producing drones. Although Parrot is a French company, it has strong ties to the United States and, in recent years, has moved a significant amount of its drone manufacturing to America.

To illustrate this, in 2019, Parrot was chosen by the US military to produce reconnaissance drones, receiving $11 million from the Department of Defense to get this done. Furthermore, the brand released one of its best commercial drones to date, the ANAFI USA, which is constructed and designed exclusively in the USA, hence why Parrot has made it onto our list.

Parrot’s Drone Selection and Offerings

When Parrot announced the release of the long-awaited ANAFI USA drone, the industry took notice. This drone, which was made in partnership with electronic manufacturers NEOTech, is made entirely in the USA and assembled in Boston, Massachusetts. It was built to meet the strict demands of the Department of Defense as a result of Parrot’s partnership with the US Military.

The criteria that the DoD created included making the drone IP53 dust and rain-resistant, a mixture of infrared and visible optics, the ability to fly for at least half an hour, and a total weight of less than 3lbs. Parrot achieved all of these goals with its professional-grade ANAFI USA drone. While Parrot doesn’t offer many drones made in the USA, we do find their drones to be extremely well made and hope they continue to expand their manufacturing presence in America.

Planck Aerosystems

Visit Plank Aerosystems

Origin California
Year Founded 2014
Types of Drones Offered Commercial drones

Planck Aerosystems’ Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Since 2014, Planck Aerosystems has been building autonomous drones from their San Diego, California headquarters. Founded by a helicopter pilot from the US Navy, Planck’s goal is to improve the safety and efficiency of autonomous drones. After assembling a team of experts to work on their devices, Planck was rewarded with a contract from the US Air Force Research Lab, specializing in developing the technology of unmanned aircraft systems which can be used in challenging, extreme environments.

Planck Aerosystems’ Drone Selection and Offerings

Currently, Planck Aerosystems produces two devices that are designed to improve the functionality and performance of drones. Firstly, the ACE autonomy engine is designed to allow UAS devices to work from vehicles and boats while in motion.

Then there’s the innovative Mobile Tethered Drone System, which is designed to be used for long-range communication, surveillance, and other security or defense purposes.

In the video above, you can see Planck’s Autonomous Control Engine and gain an understanding of how it works.


Visit Skydio Website

Origin California
Year Founded 2014
Types of Drones Offered Commercial drones, hobby drones

Skydio’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Skydio is the brainchild of three friends who met at MIT in 2009. Abe Bacharach and Adam Bry were studying robust robotics, which involved trying to figure out the most efficient ways to design self-flying aircraft. The pair’s experiments eventually resulted in them coming up with a drone design that had fixed wings and a laser sensor that allowed it to steer clear of obstacles.

Bacharach and Bry then went on to be part of the team that founded Project Wing by Google X, crafting a delivery drone that would be flown over Australia. Eighteen months later, the two budding drone designers departed from Google X, and they were joined by fellow MIT alumni Matthew Donahoe. The trio would eventually form Skydio in 2014 after creating a series of unique drones that demonstrated their innovation and ambition.

Today, Skydio is considered one of the leading manufacturers of drones in the USA. The company has come a long way from its humble beginnings and is globally respected for its expertise in autonomous flight technology. In 2021, the US-based drone brand was valued at $1 billion, which demonstrates the incredible growth that it has achieved in a relatively short time.

Skydio’s Drone Selection and Offerings

Skydio offers three standout drones, which are built upon the success of previous models. The Skydio 2+ is an excellent drone that can be used for a wide range of purposes. With a 4K60 HDR camera installed, the 2+ captures photos and videos with stunning quality and is, therefore, a great choice for photographers, filmmakers, or content creators.

The Skydio 2+ also boasts a maximum range of up to 6 km, which is a significant improvement from the previous model. Furthermore, its battery life lasts for 27 minutes, and it can reach a maximum speed of 36 mph.

The Skydio X2 is also worth mentioning, as it is the company’s most durable drone. It can be easily folded up and transported in a lightweight case, and it is made from a blend of magnesium and carbon fiber composites. Overall, Skydio easily makes some of the best American-made drones out there!

The video above gives an in-depth review of the popular Skydio 2+ drone and all of its features.


Visit Skyfish Ai

Origin Montana
Year Founded 2014
Types of Drones Offered Commercial drones

Skyfish’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Skyfish officially launched in 2014, but the first six years of the company’s existence were spent quietly perfecting its drone designs and ensuring that they were ready to take the industry by storm. Founded by Dr. Orest Pilskalns, an expert in the field of mapping technology, Skyfish is based in Stevensville, Montana, and is part of the impressive local community of radar tech enthusiasts.

Despite keeping a relatively low profile until 2021, Skyfish has worked with some of the biggest names in the tech and commercial industries, including Sony and Bentley Systems.

Skyfish’s Drone Selection and Offerings

The two commercial drones that Skyfish is best known for are the M4 and M6. These drones boast long battery lives for extensive flight times, and the distinctive Skyfish remote control makes the operation of the drones simple. The M4 is designed for high-quality 3D modeling, specifically for the engineering inspection industry.

The M6, on the other hand, has all of the qualities of the M4 but is more physically capable. This is demonstrated by its ability to carry 12 lbs of weight for half an hour. Both of these popular Skyfish drones are made entirely in the USA. The video above gives you an idea of how smoothly Skyfish drones operate.

Teal Drones

Visit Team Drones

Origin Utah
Year Founded 2014
Types of Drones Offered Commercial drones, military drones

Teal Drones’ Origin and Manufacturing Locations

As tech-based startups became more and more common in the 2010s, a generation of young entrepreneurs emerged to move the drone industry forward. In 2014 when Teal was founded, George Matus was just 17 years old. This makes the quick growth of his company all the more impressive.

In the years that followed, Teal would secure over $20 million in backing, which was largely a result of Matus’ skill, ambition, and vision for the company. The young entrepreneur stated that Teal came about as a result of his obsession with radio-controlled helicopters and planes as a child, and his success story proves that childhood dreams can become reality with hard work and dedication.

Teal Drones’ Drone Selection and Offerings

The American-made Golden Eagle is Teal’s flagship drone, which has been designed in line with the guidance set out by the USA’s Department of Defense. The Golden Eagle can be used for a range of purposes, including industrial inspections, military missions, firefighting, and wildlife management.

Teal’s TAC controller is another standout product that the company manufactures. This device is compatible with any MAVLink aircraft and is one of the only ground control stations of its kind to be produced and designed in the USA.


Visit TerraView Website

Origin California & Maryland
Year Founded 2019
Types of Drones Offered Commercial drones

TerraView’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

In its short time in the industry, TerraView has built an impressive reputation as a leading American drone manufacturer. Founded by Derek Hughes, a former inventor and Hollywood art director, and Paul Ausley, a former US Navy pilot and entrepreneur, TerraView quickly made itself known with the release of the RangePro drones.

Terraview has resisted the temptation to outsource its manufacturing to cheaper foreign lands and has maintained compliance with the US Government’s requirements when designing and creating the X8P-US drone.

TerraView’s Drone Selection and Offerings

The X Series by TerraView includes two of the most innovative drones on the market. Firstly, the Range Pro X8 is a high-performing drone that can stay in the air for over an hour – and is resilient enough to handle the weather. This drone is crafted from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, making it strong without adding too much weight. It can also be easily packed away into a protective carry case for transportation. It’s worth noting that some of the manufacturing of this drone takes place outside of the USA.

Secondly, the most advanced drone in TerraView’s X Series is the Range Pro X8P. This drone boasts several significant improvements on the aforementioned X8, most notably, the fact that it is entirely designed, engineered, and constructed in the United States. Furthermore, the X8P boasts a 30-mile operating range, over 70 minutes of flight time, and a top speed of 42.5 mph. Overall, if you’re looking for USA-made drones, TerraView has some great options.


UAV-America Website

Origin California
Year Founded 2013
Types of Drones Offered Commercial drones

UAV-America’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

As entrepreneur Jim Cooper was nearing his retirement, he felt inspired to embark on one more venture – creating a manufacturing firm for commercial drones. UAV-America was born in 2013 after Cooper had spent the best part of six years exploring the art form of UAV photography and film. He learned how to build a UAV and soon realized that he could turn his passion into a successful business.

After securing a contract to help South African authorities catch poachers and protect threatened species of animals through long-range videos, UAV-America has continued to progress at a fast pace. The company has moved into the power line, pipeline, and wind turbine industries, providing drones that are ideal for these types of inspections.

UAV-America’s Drone Selection and Offerings

In 2015, two years after UAV-America was established, the company released the Eagle XF, which to this day remains its most successful creation. The Eagle XF is a high-end drone that is tailor-made for a wide range of commercial purposes, boasting a four-rotor design and a lightweight but solid carbon fiber chassis. Another impressive thing about this drone is that it can fly for over an hour continuously.

UAV-America has a new, innovative drone that is in the process of being made – the Condor X4/X8. This drone promises to rival the excellent Eagle XF and provide another capable option for industrial and commercial needs.

Vantage Robotics

Visit Vantage Robotics

Origin California
Year Founded 2013
Types of Drones Offered Military drones, commercial drones, hobby drones

Vantage Robotics’ Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Vantage Robotics was co-founded by Tobin Fisher and Joe van Niekerk in 2013 with the goal of creating simple, effective aerial video devices. The pair recruited a team of experienced engineers and tech experts to help bring their vision to life and were eventually able to produce the first compact drone that the FAA approved for commercial purposes.

After a few years, Vantage Robotics shifted its focus to primarily making military-grade drones for intelligence and surveillance purposes rather than for everyday consumers or commercial use. This led to the company winning a contract with the US Army for the development of specific military drones.

Vantage Robotics’ Drone Selection and Offerings

Made in the state of California, the Vesper is Vantage Robotics’ standout drone. With its Dual 4K Sony IMX 334 EO image sensors and 48x combined zoom, this device can capture images and videos from any distance. The Vesper also has a thermal sensor installed, which operates at 320 x 240p.

Vantage Robotics’ drones come with an array of features and capabilities, and the Vesper is the perfect example of this. However, it’s impressive how the manufacturer has kept the operation of the drone reasonably simple so that it can be used by anyone regardless of their level of experience. With a 50-minute maximum flight time and a top speed of 45 mph, the Vesper is one of the most impressive American-made drones in its price range.

The video above shows the Vesper drone by Vantage Robotics in action and gives an idea of its capabilities.


Vision Aerial

Visit Vision Aerial

Origin Montana
Year Founded 2013
Types of Drones Offered Commercial drones

Vision Aerial’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Vision Aerial has been manufacturing drones in the USA since 2013. The company has gained a reputation as an innovator in the field of industrial drones, partnering with a wide range of organizations in the process. The drones created by Vision Aerial are used predominantly for the gathering of data in dangerous conditions or circumstances to improve safety and efficiency in that area.

Vision Aerial’s Drone Selection and Offerings

Vision Aerial currently manufactures two types of drones – the SwitchBlade-Elite, and the Vector Hexacopter. The SwitchBlade-Elite is an adaptable drone that is designed for a range of industrial purposes. Its durable, rugged construction means that the drone can be flown frequently in unpredictable conditions or locations.

The Vector Hexacopter, on the other hand, is perfect for long-range drone flying. With a maximum flight time of 40 minutes and 16 miles of autonomous range, it is up to the challenge of demanding applications. This drone can also reach a maximum speed of 45 mph, which is impressive considering its size.

The video above provides an overview of Vision Aerial’s drones, highlighting the unique aspects that this American manufacturer is renowned for.

AgrowDrone (Honorable Mention)

Visit AgrowDrone

Origin New York
Year Founded 2016
Types of Drones Offered Commercial drones

AgrowDrone’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Founded in 2016, AgrowDrone is one of the leading US-based agricultural drone manufacturers. The company was formed by farmers who were looking for efficient ways to improve their agricultural practices, which resulted in the production of a line of purpose-designed UAS aircraft for farming. The only reason these drones aren’t higher on this list is that we don’t think too many of our readers are looking for this type of drone. That said, we really like the company, and their drones are great.

AgrowDrone’s Selection and Offerings

AgrowDrone manufactures a wide variety of drones that are specifically designed for common agricultural tasks and processes. The brand manufactures drones for spraying, mapping, thermal imaging, and simply for capturing photos and videos.

The AgrowDrone sUAS-eH Agricultural Aerial Application Helicopter is one of the brand’s most impressive drones for spraying. It is capable of applying essential fertilizers, fungicides, repellents, and insecticides to crops so that farmers can cover every inch of the land.

The SUAS-eA Aerial Mapping Airplane is another innovative creation by AgrowDrone. This plane-style drone is ideal for NDVI mapping and can capture high-resolution photos and videos to provide a clear image of agricultural land.

Factors We Considered

American Made Drones (Factors We Considered)

The US drone industry is thriving, as you can see from the array of manufacturers included in this guide. There’s an abundance of industrial and hobby drones available for Americans to choose from, in addition to many military drones.

The team at All American Made has researched the drone market extensively to identify the best USA-based manufacturers that made it onto this list. To ensure that we only recommended the best companies, we considered a range of important factors and aspects.

Drone Types and Features

There are four main types of drones that you should be aware of before making a purchase. These consist of multi-rotor drones, single-rotor drones, fixed-wing drones, and fixed-wing hybrid VTOL drones. Each type has various benefits and drawbacks, making them more or less suitable for specific tasks and purposes.

Multi-rotor drones benefit from being very easy to operate, and controlling the onboard camera isn’t overly complicated. Also, they can be used in tight spaces. The only real downside to these types of drones is that they generally can only fly for short distances, making them best suited for aerial photography and video capturing.

Single-rotor drones are often powered by gas, which makes them capable of being in the air for longer. They can handle heavier payloads than most other drone types, but the downside is that they are one of the most dangerous varieties and require a good deal of expertise to fly. These drones are most commonly used for Aerial LIDAR laser scanning.

Fixed-wing drones are another popular variety, which has the ability to cover extensive distances. They’re capable of reaching impressive top speeds and can are ideal for pipeline or powerline inspections. The cons to this type of drone are that they often need a large space to be launched or landed, and they are incapable of hovering.

Finally, the fourth type of drone is yet to be released to the masses, but many see it as a strong competitor to the other three types, FIxed-wing hybrid drones are designed to fly for long distances and for long times, but there is little information on their other capabilities. They’re tipped to be used for deliveries in the future.

Commercial Drones

Commercial drones are used across a wide range of industries and come with varying designs. Drones are being used more commonly in the construction industry, mainly for surveying, planning, and inspecting areas. In many cases, drones are used to avoid sending humans into unsafe situations or as a more efficient alternative to other aerial vehicles.

In recent years, commercial drones have become more common in the agricultural industry. They allow farmers to spray their land with pesticides and fertilizers while ensuring that there is minimal wastage and that every area gets an equal amount. Similarly, drones can be used for cleaning buildings and structures that are difficult for humans to reach by spraying cleaning solutions onto them in mid-air. They’re also very useful for crop surveying, checking the health of plans in specific environments, and studying things like the impact of deforestation.

Military Drones

American-made drones are an integral part of the military and have been used for many decades. They can be used to carry out counterterrorism strikes, for surveillance and monitoring suspects or enemies, and for the transportation of equipment. The US military works with some of the drone companies featured in our guide to create strict guidelines for the drones they require.

While some people have concerns about the ethical nature and potential for harm that military drones have, there’s no denying that they are also extremely useful tools that can be beneficial.

Hobby Drones

Hobby drones are generally less expensive than commercial drones. They’re designed simply for capturing images and videos and are popular amongst filmmakers and other content creators. Although many hobby drone companies manufacture their products in China and other foreign countries, the American-made hobby drone industry is steadily growing.

In addition to being used for video and photography, hobby drones are also popular amongst drone racers. This activity has become increasingly popular in recent years and often involves the participants wearing visual goggles which allow them to see targets to move towards while racing other drones. Drone racing videos have racked up millions of views, and it is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.


The most important thing that we looked out for, along with the quality of the drones included in this guide, was where they are made. The vast majority of the drone manufacturers we’ve included design, build, and finish their drones in the United States.

Regulations around drone manufacturing are constantly being updated, which admits fears surrounding data and other concerns. Therefore, many USA-based drone brands are receiving the funding they need to create high-quality devices for specific purposes that can help different areas of the country’s industries and military.

A small number of the companies we’ve included also produce some of their products overseas, but we’ve highlighted this in the descriptions and ensured that they manufacture certain drones exclusively in the USA. We recommend that you check the specific products from the manufacturers that we’ve stated also produce drones outside of the USA to check that you’re getting an American-made drone.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to identify a drone that’s suitable for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a hobby drone for enjoyment or a commercial drone to aid your professional endeavors, we’ve included options that will provide everything you require. If you have any questions or points you’d like to make, feel free to leave them in the comments, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Also, if you know of any great drone brands that we missed, let us know in the comments below, and we will add them to our list!

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