Manufacturing by Country: China vs Other Countries (2022)

Manufacturing by Country Infographic

China’s national economy is ranked the second in the world, the first being the United States. On the other hand, China is the world’s number one exporter of goods and has held that title since 2009. They export so many products that China is nicknamed the “World’s Factory,” and with their entry into the World … Read more

14 Most Patriotic States (2022 Rankings)

Most Patriotic States Ranked

Patriotism is a difficult trait to put a numeric value on. You may be considered a patriot if you fly the American flag on your property or if you vote on a regular basis. There are some that feel patriotism is measured in the way you celebrate the birthdate of our great nation. Individuals will … Read more

Blenders Made in the USA (5 Top Brands in 2022)

Blenders Made in USA Guide

It’s easy for a high-performance, dependable blender to stand out in a sea of average, run-of-the-mill models because of the craftsmanship and quality that goes into building it. And when it comes to design, engineering, and craftsmanship, what could be better than a blender made in the USA! So to help you find that perfect … Read more

American Made Drones (15 Top Brands in 2022)

Drones Made in USA Guide

Additionally, the demand for drones has increased dramatically in recent years. People all across the United States use drones for photography, filmmaking, and even drone racing. Although many of the drones sold in the USA are made overseas to capitalize on cheaper labor and materials, there are still plenty of great American made drones out … Read more

Where is Dodge Made? 2022 Guide

Where is Dodge Made Guide

An American automobile legacy that began in 1900, Dodge was founded by two brothers who had close ties with the car industry. Unlike some of the other great American car brands, Dodge was acquired relatively early on by Chrysler in 1928 where they have remained until today. Being an American company, you may wonder where … Read more

American Car Brands List (2022 Update)

American Car Brands Guide

America is home to many of the world’s most iconic car brands. Unfortunately, many of even the most seemingly patriotic companies have moved operations overseas to cut labor and production costs. The good news is that there are still many great American made cars, and many companies that left have either returned or opened up … Read more

Where is Lululemon Made? 2022 Update

Where is Lululemon Made Guide

Lululemon, or Lululemon Athletics, is a brand that creates and sells athletic clothing, accessories, as well as lifestyle apparel. The company has become famous for its yoga pants and leggings, and you be hard-pressed not to see someone wearing a pair in any yoga studio or on the street. Apart from its products’ recognizable design … Read more

Tools Made in the USA (20 Top Brands in 2022)

Tools Made in USA Guide

The United States was once one of the most prolific tool-producing countries in the world, but in recent years, many of the brands that used to manufacture American made tools have turned to cheaper, offshore production. Despite this trend, there are still many high-quality tools made in the USA. Some tool manufacturers understand the importance … Read more

What Does Made in USA Actually Mean? 2022 Guide

What Does Made in USA Mean

Years ago, if you saw a tag that said Made in USA you knew that product was crafted and assembled in the United States. There was no confusion related to it because it meant that American’s crafted the components, using American materials, and American hands assembled the final product. Today, things are more confusing and … Read more

13 Best American Flags Made in the USA (2022 List)

American Flags Made in USA Guide

There is no other symbol in the world that stands for freedom, liberty, and the sacrifices people have made for those values like the American flag. So when you are looking for a quality American flag to proudly display your heritage and belief in this great country, make sure you are looking specifically for American … Read more