Makeup Made in the USA (14 Great Brands) 2022 List

Makeup Made in USA Guide

Makeup is a great way to create a lasting impression for any occasion, and it can amplify your natural beauty while highlighting facial features to help you feel like your most confident self. Unfortunately, nowadays it can be difficult to find makeup not made in China or countries where the cost of labor is very … Read more

7 Best Yoga Mats Made in the USA (2022 List)

Yoga Mats Made in USA Guide

Yoga mats are an essential piece of exercise equipment. A slippery rug, soft gym cushion, or slippery towel can cause injuries and just flat out be uncomfortable and unstable! Owning your own mat can be more hygienic than using one offered by studios and gyms or performing your stretches on the ground. Numerous options are … Read more

15 Best Towels Made in the USA in 2022 (Bath, Kitchen & Beach)

Towels Made in USA Guide

Choosing towels for your home can be tricky, especially when your goal is to support American business. Many towels that seem luxurious don’t absorb water well, aren’t soft, or start to break down after a few washes. The good news is that you’ll find plenty of great towels made in the USA if you do … Read more

9 Best Safety Razors Made in the USA (2022 List)

Safety Razors Made In USA Guide

Safety razors are increasing in popularity year after year as men discover how much more comfortable they are to use and how much money they save over disposable razors or the shave clubs. Whether you’re new to safety razors or are someone who’s already experienced the benefits, this guide will help you find the perfect … Read more

Best Toothpaste Made in the USA (2022 List)

Toothpaste is a crucial part of our daily lives, fitting seamlessly into our morning and evening hygiene routines ensuring we keep our pearly whites nice and healthy. While it isn’t designed to be ingested, toothpaste is designed to leave a protective residue on your teeth acting as a protective barrier for your enamel and against … Read more

10 Best Water Bottles Made in the USA (2022 List)

Water Bottles Made in USA Guide

While water bottles aren’t typically something many people put a lot of thought into, the quality of the bottle itself can make an impact on the quality of the water you drink as well as the overall experience. It’s no secret that just about all water bottles have now been shipped overseas for manufacturing, however, … Read more

Where is Colgate Toothpaste Made? (2022 Update)

Where is Colgate Toothpaste Made Guide

Tracing its history back to New York in the early 19th century, Colgate was the first company to ever mass-produce toothpaste. William Colgate was a soap and candle maker who began selling his product under the name William Colgate & Company. Colgate started as an all American made brand, but do they continue to produce … Read more