12 Best Cutting Boards Made in the USA (2024 List)

Cutting boards are a staple of any kitchen. Whether you need something quick and inexpensive for some quick weekly meal prep or you’re in the market for a cutting board with a beautiful fine grain of your favorite hardwood, there are made great cutting boards made in the USA out there!

My American Made Cutting Boards on a Table

From affordable plastic boards to high-end boards made individually by hand, there are plenty of options. Let’s cut to the chase and tell you which American brands are proven and trustworthy.

List of American-Made Cutting Boards

Dexas Cutting Boards (Great Plastic Cutting Boards)

Dexas Plastic Cutting Boards

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Estimated Price $20
Material Plastic
Cleaning Method Dishwasher or by Hand
Maintenance None
Origin Texas

Dexas’ Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Designed and made in Texas, this is one of the only plastic cutting boards you’re going to find that’s actually made in the USA. The company was founded by Ellis Shamoon in 1969 and has continued to grow over time. A true inventor, Shamoon and his companies hold over 120 US patents, which is a testament to just have innovative this company has become. Dexas is a well-known manufacturer that makes a variety of kitchen products, and you can even find their products in some major retailers like Macy’s, Foley’s, and Williams Sonoma.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Dexas Cutting Boards

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cutting board of this quality for the price, let alone one that’s American-made. One of my favorite things about this board is that it’s made with extremely high-quality BPA-free plastic, which ensures that no dangerous chemicals seep into your food while prepping it to be cooked.

Overall these boars are easy to use, lightweight, and easy to clean. The fact that these boards are also dishwasher safe is important to me because I’m super busy and honestly just hate doing dishes. With these boards, there is little maintenance required, and for these reasons, I could definitely see these boards being a staple in any kitchen.

Some other things that really stand out to me are the nonslip feet which prevent the board from moving around while you are cutting, which decreases the risk of accidentally cutting yourself while prepping food. The boards also have curved sides with prevent juices and prepped food from ending up on the counter or floor.

These boards are ideal for those who are looking for an alternative to wooden cutting boards. They are great for cooks who want a quality product without the care and maintenance required of a wood board. All in all, these are among the best plastic cutting boards made in the USA.

The Cutting Board Company Plastic Board

The Cutting Board Company Tan Plastic Cutting Board

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Estimated Price $25 to $40
Material Plastic
Cleaning Method Dishwasher or by Hand
Maintenance None
Origin Georgia

The Cutting Board Company’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

The Cutting Board Company is another brand I’ve really come to like over the years. They manufacture their boards in Atlanta, Georgia, and serve customers ranging from professional cooks to your everyday cook. As indicated by the name, this company specializes in cutting boards, and they’ve really refined their craft over the years and seem to continue to just get better!

They offer both standard and custom boards and can fill bulk orders for commercial industries. They also won the 2017 Pacesetter award.

What We Like and Don’t Like About The Cutting Board Company Cutting Boards

While the focus of this company is large-scale distribution, they have not compromised on quality. The boards are stain-resistant, warp-resistant, and non-absorbent. It is made of plastic yet is hefty, durable, and very low maintenance.

This board company has a loyal fan base, and their products really seem to market themselves.

We recommend this board for the everyday cook looking for the right balance of value and quality. You can certainly find a plastic cutting board less expensive than this one, so this board is great for a casual cook looking for a bit more quality and durability. The only thing I don’t like about them is not all of them have no-slip feet, which is more important to some people than others.

If you go to The Cutting Board Company website, you can also customize your board which is a very unique thing to see in the world of cutting boards.

Sonder LA Maple Cutting Boards

Sonder LA Maple Cutting Board

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Estimated Price $90
Material Maple
Cleaning Method Hand-wash
Maintenance Mineral oil every three weeks
Origin California

Sonder LA’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Sonder LA cutting boards are made in the USA using locally and sustainably sourced American Maple wood. The company was started by a Los Angeles couple that spends up to 10 months prototyping each product design. The company believes that products should be thoughtfully designed so that they can be displayed rather than hidden away. Be aware that while most Sonder LA cutting boards are American-made, they do offer some models that are not, so just be sure to check the listing page.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Sonder LA Winsome Cutting Boards

I really like the reversible nature of Sonder LA’s maple cutting board because it makes preparing and serving food a whole lot easier. This is easily one of the most versatile cutting boards on the market. Despite being in a product category that has existed for thousands of years, Sonder has managed to find an innovative edge with its signature cracker well, which you can see in the picture below.

Back Side of Sonder LA Maple Cutting Board Showing Cracker Well

This is the first-of-its-kind cracker well cutting board and has been tested with over 30 types of chips & baguettes. The other side of the board features a juice groove and inner handles for carrying. A lot of thought and care went into the design and quality of this board, so it is a good value being that it’s under $100. In addition, Sonder offers a 1-year warranty on every board.

Another feature that I really like about Sonder LA cutting boards is the handles cut into the sides of the boards (as you can see in the photo below). They’re very easy to grab and make moving your cutting board a whole lot easier.

Side View of Sonder LA Maple Cutting Board

We recommend this board for those who like to cook and entertain. It is very functional for everyday cooking and also functions as a beautiful serving plate that will impress guests.

The board is rather thick and a lot heavier than your typical plastic or thin wood cutting boards, but I personally like that and find it to be very high quality.

John Boos Maple Cutting Boards (Great Maple Cutting Boards)

John Boos Wooden Cutting Board

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Estimated Price $50 to $120 (depending on model)
Material Wood
Cleaning Method Hand wash
Maintenance Treat with oil regularly
Origin Illinois

John Boos’ Origin and Manufacturing Locations

John Boos & Co has a long history; starting in 1887, it is one of the US’s oldest manufacturers of cutting boards. Conrad Boos first started in the table business, handcrafting the pieces made from sycamore trees in the area. A local butcher had seen one of Conrad’s blocks and asked for one for his meat market. This began the long 125-year reign of selling quality cutting boards.

The company now provides products to the gourmet, food service, and industrial markets. Staying true to its roots, John Boos & Co still produces its product line from Effingham, IL, the birthplace of the company.

What We Like and Don’t Like About John Boos Cutting Boards

John Boos cutting boards have an outstanding reputation due to their high-quality finish and excellent overall woodwork. Their maple cutting boards are available in a number of sizes, thicknesses, and finishes.

These boards still require some maintenance which is common with wood boards. As long as you apply oil regularly, it seems to stay in good shape. This is in comparison to other boards which really need to be conditioned weekly or even daily.

Side View of John Boos Cutting Board

These boards are perfect for meat lovers. The origins of John Boos & Co are rooted in the butcher industry, and this is a great product for carving meat. John Boos boards are easily some of the best cutting boards made in the USA.

Just be aware that this is a very basic cutting board, and it doesn’t have a juice groove or any handles. That said, John Boos certainly does offer cutting boards with juice grooves, so if that’s something you’re interested they certainly have options for you. I also really like their reversible cutting boards that have a juice groove on one side.

John Boos Block Cherry Reversible Cutting Board (Great Cherry Cutting Board)

Boos Block Cherry Cutting Board

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Estimated Price $100 to $150
Material Cherry
Size 18 x 12 x 1.5″, 20 x 15 x 1.5″, 24 x 18 x 1.5″
Cleaning Method Hand wash
Maintenance Treat with oil regularly
Origin Illinois

What We Like and Don’t Like About John Boos Block Cherry Reversible Cutting Boards

Cherry is one of the densest wood selections in the cutting board game, so it’s no surprise to see a Boos Block option in Cherry, as they are notorious for crafting extremely robust and durable cutting boards. With three sizing options available, all of which I wouldn’t consider small by any means, there is a Boos Block in cherry for almost anyone, so long as you have the space.

There is a whole host of advantages to choosing Cherry, but to be honest, most people are selecting this incredibly tough and durable wood as a cutting board because of its impeccable aesthetics. Cherry is a beautiful wood with a deep and stylish grain that stains and polishes extremely well. It’s for these reasons I think the Boos Block in cherry stands out so much to us and to many others in need of a beautiful cutting board – the cherry boards they make are simply a staple selection in terms of a nice and well-curated culinary environment, and to many, the slight increase in price that typically accompanies cherry cutting boards is well worth it for these reasons alone.

Cherry cutting boards are absolute monsters in the kitchen across basically every use case, but they do seem to fetch a slightly higher price than most of their other various wooden counterparts. For this reason, I’d say that cherry cutting boards, in general, are best suited for those who like a nice and rich color that is as equally utilitarian as it is aesthetically pleasing and have the extra few bucks to spend on getting that exact match for their kitchen’s appeal.

Sonder Los Angeles End Grain Walnut (Great Walnut Cutting Board)

Sonder Los Angeles Walnut Wood Cutting Board

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Estimated Price $150
Material Walnut
Cleaning Method Hand wash
Maintenance 2-3 weeks
Origin California

What We Like and Don’t Like About Sonder Los Angeles End Grain Walnut Boards

Black Walnut cutting boards are massively underrated, in my humble opinion, and although not exactly sporting the badge of being the most popular, they are overall well-rounded. Their hardness gives them just about the perfect hardness to support knife sharpness and board maintenance. They’re softer than most woods used for cutting boards, meaning it’s a little gentler knives. Another reason many people love walnut cutting boards is due to their dark rich color that looks amazing in a kitchen. This particular board is one of the more beautiful walnuts I’ve ever seen.

This particular board has deep juice grooves, so you won’t have to worry about spills or juices flowing off of the board. Another thing that makes this board different compared to competitors is that it has two sides. One side has sorting compartments that just make food prep that much easier! Then there is the other side which is more of a traditional carving side that has deep grooves for cutting meats, fruits, and vegetables.

I do strongly recommend giving them a look, especially if you’re someone that really dislikes sharpening your knives. Walnut cutting boards are among the best in terms of not dulling down your blades, so if you are someone that wishes they could convert more of their knife maintenance time into more chopping and slicing time, Maple boards like this are a good place to start.

Virginia Boys Kitchen Walnut Cutting Board

Virginia Boys Kitchens Cutting Board

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Estimated Price $80
Material Walnut
Cleaning Method Hand wash
Maintenance Treat with oil regularly
Origin Illinois

Virginia Boys Kitchen’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Virginia Boys is a mission-driven, Virginia-based company that cares deeply about domestic manufacturing. In their own words, “From sourcing to shipping, everything we do is in the USA.” This is a well-known company that has been featured in BuzzFeed, CBS, Men’s Health, and The Huffington Post.

They are a family-run business that makes everything locally, and their products are 100% sustainable.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Virginia Boys Kitchen Walnut Cutting Boards

The price for this board is very competitive given all of the extras built into the manufacturing process. You may not find another company that takes such care in all phases of manufacturing, from sourcing to ingredients to packaging.

Aside from the laudable mission, this is a quality board that is durable and will last for years. It is well made, and you can use it guilt-free knowing that this product is sustainably made. Finally, they offer a rare 120-day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. Although based on the review, it seems like almost everyone is very satisfied with this board.

We recommend this board for especially eco-conscious cooks who wouldn’t normally consider a wood cutting board. It is rare to find any wood manufacturer that has committed to 100% sustainability. This company has filled a unique niche that allows cooks to enjoy the benefits of a wood board without the downside of negative environmental impact. Virginia Boys Kitchen easily makes some of the highest quality American-made cutting boards out there.

HeritageWare Cutting Board

Heritage Ware American Cutting Board

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Estimated Price $80
Material Walnut
Cleaning Method Hand wash
Maintenance Treat with wood butter regularly
Origin North Carolina

HeritageWare’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

HeritageWare was born out of necessity and years of testing. The founders tested dozens of cutting boards and found that many wood varieties were damaged by their knives, but plastic didn’t provide a pleasing aesthetic.

The final product they created is functional, solid, and sustainable. Unlike large manufacturers who have dozens of options, HeritageWare only offers three types of boards, so you know each one was designed and produced with care.

The company also takes its pledge of sustainability seriously, they plant as many trees as they harvest, and they take care to use as little water as possible in the manufacturing process. Finally, none of their products contain stains, coloring, or toxic chemicals.

What We Like and Don’t Like About HeritageWare Cutting Boards

Lots of wood boards are aesthetically pleasing, but this board is especially beautiful. Walnut is not only incredibly durable but has a richness that is unique to the tree. They have addressed a common pain point common with other boards – a small juice well. This board features an extra-large well, so even when cutting large quantities, you won’t have to keep dumping your board.

The board is designed to function as both a cutting board and a serving board. Many reviewers included photos of beautiful charcuterie arrangements which pair perfectly with the serving side of this board.

We recommend this board for a semi-experienced cook who is looking for a board that is beautiful yet functional. This would also be a good fit for entertainers, given the 2-in-1 prep and serving functionality.

Catskill Craftsmen Chopping Block (Great Birch Cutting Board)

Catskill Craftsmen Cutting Board

Catskill Craftsman

Estimated Price $90
Material Birch
Cleaning Method Hand wash
Maintenance Treat with oil regularly
Origin New York

Catskill Craftsmen’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Catskill Craftsmen designs and produces cutting boards in Stamford, NY, a small community in the Catskill Mountains. In business since 1948, this is a multi-generational business that has changed with the times while also staying true to its roots.

The company produces lumber from area sawmills, then they dry, manufacture, and package it on site. No materials generated during the manufacturing process go to waste, shavings are converted into wood pellet fuel that heats local homes.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Catskill Craftsmen Cutting Boards

At 2.75 in thick and an overall weight of 12lbs, this board is not for the faint of heart. This particular board has feet for extra stability. Between the feet and the weight, this board can withstand just about anything.

This is a striking board that could almost be used as a centerpiece base. It is not reversible, so you won’t be able to keep your meats and vegetables totally separate, but this is probably the only Catskill board you’ll ever need to purchase.

We recommend this board for cooks needing extra stability for tough cuts, as well as high-volume cooks. Some plastic or lightweight boards may not stand up to tough cuts of meat or vegetables, this one will.

Coastal Carolina Cutting Boards

Coastal Carolina Cutting Boards

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Estimated Price $70 to 90
Material Wood
Cleaning Method Hand-wash
Maintenance Weekly conditioner
Origin North Carolina

Coastal Carolina’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

This cutting board is handcrafted by veterans at Coastal Carolina Cutting Boards (CCCB). The company was founded by the Dean family, a family of woodworkers spanning five generations. The cutting board business began when owner, Tom Dean, began gifting boards to friends. The positive feedback led him to produce more and sell them on the street corner.

The business quickly grew to production in the woodworking shop, and today the company manufactures thousands of cutting boards in-house from North Carolina. The company also gives back to several organizations supporting veterans, including Hope for the Warriors and Fallen Outdoors.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Coastal Carolina Cutting Boards

This is a solid 1” slab of wood, perfect for slicing and dicing. It comes in various sizes ranging from 8” x 12” up to 12” x 16”. Despite the fact that the company does not use stain or other means to color the wood, you can still choose from light, medium, dark, or mixed shades.

This board is 100% solid wood, meaning no handles, stoppers, or other features, which may be an adjustment for those accustomed to using non-slip boards. The company also recommends weekly conditioning to maintain the board, which is considerably more maintenance than synthetic material boards.

We recommend this board for non-beginner cooks who can manage working without a non-slip guard and don’t mind some extra maintenance.

Eli Home Kitchen Cutting Board (Composite Wood)

EliHome Cutting Board

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Estimated Price $15 to 70
Material Wood Fiber Composite
Cleaning Method Dishwasher or by Hand
Maintenance None
Origin California

Eli Home’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Eli Home cutting boards are made in the USA from high-density pine leaf sustainable material. The board is manufactured by using high temperature and high pressure to transform pine leaf material into a solid board that is safe and healthy for cooking.

The company was founded by a California foodie who has three decades of experience in the kitchen and housewares business.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Eli Home Cutting Boards

This is a lightweight, low-maintenance board that offers an alternative to traditional wood cutting boards or plastic cutting boards.

The fact that this board is made from thousands of pine leaf scraps may lead you to believe that this is a flimsy, porous board, but the opposite is true. It is extremely durable, even with daily use, as well as non-porous and knife friendly. You may also be surprised that this board is dishwasher safe.

I especially like the fact that this board comes in a wide range of sizes, from a small 7” x 10” all the way up to a large 19” x 14.”

We recommend this for an everyday cook looking for something other than traditional wood or plastic cutting boards. This is a sustainable alternative that still provides the reliability of a wood board and the ease of a plastic board.

Choosing a new cutting board can be overwhelming, but it can also be fun! Whether you are cooking as a beginner or a skilled chef, there is an American-made brand for you out there. All of the companies that we outlined have put an incredible amount of thought and effort into creating a quality product, it is just a matter of what suits your needs and individual style.

Epicurean Kitchen Series (Paper Composite Cutting Board)

Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board

Visit Epicurean Website

Estimated Price $15 to 40
Material Paper Composite
Cleaning Method Dishwasher or by Hand
Maintenance None
Origin Wisconsin

Epicurean’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Before getting into the cutting board business, Epicurean was in the skate park business. They used a paper composite to manufacture ramps and started using the excess material to make cutting boards. When they couldn’t keep up with demand, they ramped up production and now make a variety of kitchen tools from paper composite, made 100% in the USA.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Epicurean Cutting Boards

This product has a lot going for it, it is affordable, lightweight, non-porous, dishwasher safe, and eco-friendly. The company prides itself on environmentally friendly manufacturing, uses production methods, and minimizes waste.

This is certainly a much more sustainable option than plastic or wood competitors. The only downside to this board is it is less durable than wood or plastic, so it’s more likely that you’ll need to replace it at some point.

We recommend this board for the everyday eco-conscious cook. It doesn’t require any maintenance, so this is perfect for people who have enough time to cook but not enough time to properly care for a wood board.

Factors We Considered:

Some of My Favorite American Made Cutting Boards

To a well-seasoned chef, choosing a cutting board is a fairly easy and obvious task, but for those of us looking to grab a cutting board just to make some home-cooked meals, the myriad of options can easily be overwhelming. Over the years, we’ve owned and tested a ton of cutting boards, and for the cutting boards we haven’t personally used, we did a ton of research. To create the list of American-made cutting boards above, we focused on the following aspects:


The material of your cutting board is going to play a vital role in its behavior, aesthetics, maintenance, and how you wash it, but most importantly, the cutting board’s ability to remain a safe tool to use in your kitchen. Wait, how could a cutting board possibly be dangerous, or any more dangerous than the variety of sharp objects and heating elements found in a normal kitchen?

Well, some cutting boards, namely wooden cutting boards but also plastic boards, can be porous and/or become damaged and when not treated correctly, worn, or not maintained properly, can absorb matter from the foods you place and cut on its surface.

This is really a problem for any type of food because if any part of that biomaterial seeps into the wood or crevices in plastic created by deep cuts, it can facilitate bacterial growth, but it’s especially dangerous when the juices from meat products penetrate your wooden cutting board’s pores. These juices can remain even after the board appears to be clean and can contaminate your future meals with things like salmonella, which can be deadly.

The main materials you commonly find among cutting boards are wood, plastic, and rubber and each of these has its pros and cons that you should study up on to ensure you’re getting the right board for your use case.


Cutting Boards Made in USA Guide

Are you the kind of person that takes pride in owning nice things and is willing to dedicate the time and effort to keep them in good functioning condition? Whether you are or you aren’t, it’s important to take note of what the specific maintenance requirements are for the board you’re buying. A quick example of a board that would require maintenance is hardwood cutting boards, as they usually need to be oiled to ensure they don’t dry out and crack. Remember, a cracked board is actually a health risk, as mentioned above, and should be replaced immediately.

Washing Guidelines:

Speaking of cracking from lack of proper maintenance, sticking the wrong cutting board into the washing machine can easily ruin the board as the hot water, and high water pressure can warp and crack even some of the most robust cutting boards. I usually always recommend hand washing all cutting boards to ensure they’re properly cleaned anyways, but if throwing everything into the washing machine is your go-to play, ensure the one you get is dishwasher safe.

Wrap Up:

That does it for this article; let us know if you have any further questions. Also, let us know if there are any great cutting boards that we missed that you think we should add to our list! We are always looking to improve and share the most useful information.

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