18 Best Coolers Made in the USA (2024 List)

Finding the right cooler to transport your food and keep it at the right temperature can make a big difference when camping or spending time outdoors. By choosing a quality American-made cooler, you’ll be supporting American businesses while getting a superior product.

American Made Coolers Side by Side

We’ve searched far and wide to compile the ultimate list of coolers made in the USA. The products on this list vary in style and size, so simply scroll through this list and choose the one that best suits your use cases.

List of American-Made Coolers

1. Grizzly Coolers (Great Value)

Grizzly Cooler Front View

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Origin Decorah, IA
Available Sizes 15-quart, 20-quart, 40-quart, 60-quart, and more
Cooler Types Offered Hard and soft
Material Molded plastic (hard coolers)
Latching System BearClaw Latches

Grizzly’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Grizzly makes some of the finest coolers in the world at its manufacturing facility in Decorah, Iowa. I’ve used a ton of Grizzly coolers over the years, and one thing that keeps me coming back to this company is the fact that they just keep pushing the limits and making their coolers even better!

They use a rotational molding technology called rotomolding, which makes their coolers very strong, durable, affordable, and hold ice for a long time. This manufacturing process also ensures that each cooler has a uniform thickness, which reduces the potential points of wear and failure. This is especially important at the corners, which tend to take the brunt of the force as you move your cooler around.

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Grizzly Coolers

Grizzly coolers look great, but after using them for years, that’s not what’s impressed me the most. Man, these things take a beating! Grizzly coolers can last a lifetime and even ten years later work as well as the day you got it. One thing I always look for in a cooler is a good latching mechanism, and I have to say I love the Grizzly BearClaw latches. They are very secure while also being extremely easy and fast to unlatch. Most of their hard coolers also have a locking system, so if you did want to put a lock on your cooler for additional security, you could easily do that.

Their hard coolers have embossed rulers on the top, which is great for those of you who are fishermen. To me, this is almost a must-have feature because my family does a ton of fishing.

The port holes on the side are rather large but work great for draining water when needed. I like having a larger draining hole because it makes getting any excess water out very fast and easy.

The cooler’s interior (as you can see in the photo below) is a bit on the small side relative to the overall size you will need to carry. But this means that the cooler walls are extra thick and will keep your food and drinks cold using an impressive two inches of insulating foam.

Inside of Grizzly Cooler

Another thing to note about my Grizzly 15 QT cooler is that there is no drain system, but their larger coolers do have drains on the interior.

Another cool thing about Grizzly coolers is they are true to size, meaning that a 40-quart cooler will actually hold 40 quarts. This might seem obvious, but many brands actually come up short on their advertised storage capacity.

When it comes to durability, one area where a lot of coolers fail is their hinge, but the integrated hinges on Grizzly coolers are extremely durable and smooth. Opening a Grizzly cooler is like a dream if you’re someone who is used to cheaply made coolers.

Grizzly coolers are perfect for those who expect to toss their cooler around a lot and want to make sure that it can hold up to the impact. The rotomolding process ensures that the cooler walls are uniformly thick and durable. The two inches of foam is great for keeping the interior of the cooler icy and cold, although it does cut down on the actual storage space without upgrading to a larger, bulkier cooler.

Grizzly has a nice selection of both hard and soft coolers. One thing I do wish is that they offered some wheeled coolers. While I don’t usually wheel coolers because I like to take my coolers boating, I can certainly understand where situations where a wheeled cooler is nice. They have a lot of colors, especially bright colors that will be easy to spot and keep track of whether you’re at a crowded beach or secluded nature trail.

The only thing we don’t like about Grizzly coolers is that some of the carrying straps on the smaller coolers and other small accessories are imported. That said, that doesn’t really bother me because the coolers themselves are fully American-made.

Here is a great video that explains why Grizzly coolers are so great.

2. Kong Coolers (Best Accessories)

Front of Kong Cooler

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Origin Ridgefield, WA
Available Sizes 20-quart, 25-quart, 50-quart, 70-quart, 110-quart
Cooler Types Offered Hard and Wheeled
Material Plastic
Handle Plastic
Latches Cam Action Latches

Kong’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Kong coolers are really the king of coolers in terms of accessories and ice retention. These coolers are designed and manufactured by Elkhart Plastics, a commercial plastic molding company that has been in the business of preservation through insulated plastic products since 1988. They developed a great production process that kept manufacturing and assembly in the United States for over 30 years, then decided to create a line of personal use coolers. Like the Grizzy coolers above, Kong coolers also utilize rotomolding technology.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Kong Coolers

Where Kong coolers really stand out to me is their ingenious features and clever design. Not only do they keep your food and drinks cold, but they are also made with the end utility in mind. Kong offers accessories that make your cooler easier to use, including cutting trays that connect to the side and a cool bottle opener that you can mount right on the cooler. The carrying handle works well to wheel your cooler around but is prone to failure over time. The body of the Kong coolers is built very toughly.

Another thing that really differentiates Kong coolers from most of the other coolers on the market is their latches. The majority of cooler companies nowadays utilize some type of rubber, but coolers utilize hard latches that, to me, just feel more secure than most. For some people having very secure latches won’t matter all that much, but to me, the design Kong incorporated just makes a lot of sense.

If you want a great line of accessories to go with your cooler, Kong has attachments for just about any situation. Whether you are tailgating and need a place to prep food or want to divide the inside of your cooler into sections, you can find just the accessory for your Kong cooler. These do cost extra, adding to the overall cost of your cooler setup. When purchasing a high-performance cooler, most people are okay spending a little bit more to make sure that it will serve all of their needs.

The handles are also very strong and durable, which is really a weak point of a lot of coolers.

Kong has a wide range of coolers, so whether you’re looking for a wheeled cooler or a traditional style cooler, Kong really has something for everyone.

If I really stretch for something critical to say about Kong coolers, it would be that they are a little bulky, and because the walls are rather thick, there isn’t quite as much storage space as you’d think when you look at them. That said, these coolers are fantastic, and in terms of accessories, they are second to none.

Here is a good photo that shows the interior of my Kong 25 cooler.

Here is a good video that shows the side of the cooler. You can clearly see the durable handles and drain system.

Side of Kong Cooler Showing Handle and Drain

The video below does a great job explaining why someone might choose a Kong cooler over many of the other great options.

3. Orca Coolers (Editor’s Choice)

Front of Orca Cooler

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Origin Nashville, TN or Streetsboro, OH
Available Sizes 20-quart, 26-quart, 40-quart, 140-quart
Cooler Types Offered Hard, Soft, and Wheeled
Material Plastic
Handle Varies by model

Orca’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Keeping manufacturing in the United States was a goal of Orca’s from the very first cooler that the company designed and made. All of their hard-sided coolers are made in two facilities: Nashville, Tennessee (where their headquarters are located) and Streetsboro, Ohio.

The plastic is molded at the factory in Ohio, then decorated, packaged, and shipped from Nashville to their loyal customers. Orca is one of the biggest names in American-made coolers due to its manufacturing process and iconic look. Their coolers are 100% USA-made, and in my opinion, these are some of the most attractive-looking coolers out there. I love the made in the USA symbol on the front with the American flag clearly visible.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Orca Coolers

I like the look of the Orca hard-sided coolers, which are durable and still distinct. They also perform well, keeping ice cold and bears out. Orca coolers are also made of high-density molded plastic, and the interior walls of the coolers have several inches of high-quality insulating foam.

Orca utilizes several different handle designs across its cooler lineup. I love their coolers that incorporate a single metal handle, although the strap handles can be handy in some circumstances. I’m not a big fan of the vinyl webbing straps on some of their coolers, which tend to show wear earlier than other types, especially if you are carrying particularly heavy coolers. That said, they can easily be swapped out, and that’s just my personal preference.

Some of their coolers do have an attached net to carry non-perishables, which is a nice touch. The 26 Quart Orca cooler that I own has a cargo net, and I find it to be very handy. Below you can see a picture of what the cargo net looks like.

Back of Orca Cooler Showing Net

Orca coolers are not cheap but will keep everything inside super cold and comes with a lifetime warranty. Once you invest in an Orca cooler, you’ll be able to use it for years. Orca coolers could be the poster child for the saying “buy once, cry once.” The latches feel great and are very secure.

Plus, the amazing color and size options mean that there’s something to fit every person and need. This is the most Instagram-worthy cooler on our list, in my opinion, in case that’s an important factor for you. In my opinion, Orca offers some of the best coolers made in the USA.

Here is a photo of the interior of the cooler. As you can see, these coolers have a ton of space and a nice drain system built in.

Inside of Orca Cooler

Here is what the cooler looks like from the side. I find the handles to be very durable and comfortable to hold.

Side of Orca Cooler Showing Drain and Handle

Here is a great video that shows what Orca coolers have to offer.

4. Coleman Coolers (Budget Pick)

Front of Coleman Classic Cooler

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Origin Wichita, KS or New Braunfels, TX
Available Sizes 30-quart, 48-quart, 54-quart, 65-quart, and more
Cooler Types Offered Hard, Soft, and Wheeled
Material Plastic
Handle Two Plastic Side Handles

Coleman’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Coleman is a legendary brand in the world of coolers. Not all of their coolers are made in the USA, but the majority of their hard-sided coolers are made in either their Wichita, Kansas, or Braunfels, Texas facilities.

I’ve even seen the manufacturing plant in Kansas, and I can tell you, they definitely have a lot going on there!

Many cooler manufacturers seem to be moving some of their product manufacturing. Some are coming back to the US, and some are moving overseas, so as always, be sure to double-check that the model you’re interested in is, in fact, made in the USA.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Coleman Coolers

Coleman is another brand I have a lot of experience with. Growing up, my family would take Coleman coolers on camping and fishing trips. We still have some of the coolers, and they work as well today as they did decades ago. Coleman designed their coolers to be simple and affordable. I think they really hit the mark, as these coolers are rather durable and get the job at a very attractive price.

I’m not the only one who loves these coolers, as you can spot tons of these at any busy campground, no matter the state or region! Every time I end up on a campground, it’s a guarantee to see these, and it’s no wonder why, as they’re super affordable, simple, lightweight, and they get the job done. Are they the greatest coolers ever made? Well, I suppose that’s subjective, but when it comes to punching in their weight class (price), they’re hard to beat.

No, they don’t have all the new cool kid features and gadgets that modern, several hundred-dollar coolers may have, but depending on what you’re using your cooler for, you might not need all that. Still, to this day, I have two of these, and my parents still have their arsenal of them as well. I have most certainly gotten my money’s worth several times over.

These are perfect for those of us who don’t really care about the leading-edge technology or newest gadget add-ons.

Lower-end Coleman coolers aren’t going to hold ice as well as many of the higher-end coolers on this list. Most don’t have a latching or locking mechanism either. These coolers are really ideal for those who maybe use their coolers a few times a year and are looking for something that gets the job done at a low price.

Below you can see a photo of the interior of the Coleman 48 Quart Cooler.

Inside of Coleman Classic Cooler

As you can see the interior of the cooler is very spacious, but do note that some of Coleman’s lower-end coolers do not have a drain system built in. If you’re someone who only uses your cooler a few times a year, that probably isn’t a huge deal, but in some cases, it might be annoying not to be able to easily drain your cooler. Since there is no drain, if your ice melts, you’ll have to remove all the contents of your cooler before you can add fresh ice.

Here is a picture of the side of the Coleman 48 Quart Cooler. I do actually like the handles on this cooler. I’ve found them to be durable and comfortable to hold.

Side of Coleman Classic Cooler

Overall, Coleman coolers are great. The hinges aren’t super durable like those on some of the other coolers on this list, but they’ll still last a very long time, especially for those who only use their coolers very casually.

5. Pelican Coolers (Very Durable)

Pelican Elite Cooler

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Origin Torrance, CA
Available Sizes 20-quart, 30-quart, 50-quart, 70-quart
Material Plastic
Handle Top Handle
Latches 3-inch locking latches

Pelican’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Pelican began by making products and cases for scuba divers in Torrance, California. Their cases and coolers are still made in Torrance and provide the same protection from the elements that they have been known for since their founding in 1976. Their cases are used by first responders, the US military, and professionals like photographers who need to protect their gear. While newer to the cooler side of things, Pelican is a well-respected name in manufacturing in general.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Pelican Coolers

I like Pelican coolers a lot, and what stands out to me the most is the tough construction and awesome latching mechanism. I guess that shouldn’t be a huge surprise because pelican is well known for making extremely durable products. I have shipped items around the world in a Pelican case without any issues.

Pelican coolers are just as well-made and are perfect for those who expect to be in rough conditions. They have a variety of sizes, but the 20 Quart Elite cooler fits a need that not many other cooler companies focus on. It is a hard-sided cooler that can be carried easily by one person. It includes a comfort groove on one side that allows the carrier to hold it close to their body without straining. They do have larger sizes as well, depending on your needs.

If you have precious cargo to protect, Pelican is one of the best choices for its superior construction and durability. Even if you are just transporting your lunch, you can rest assured that things will stay cold and easy to carry in the Elite Cooler. The 20 Quart version is perfect for day trips where you need something that one person can carry, but they are also available in eight other sizes, all the way up to 250 Quarts.

6. Igloo Coolers (Great Value Wheeled)

Igloo Sportsman

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Origin Katy, Texas
Available Sizes 30, 55, 110, 120, 150 Quarts
Cooler Types Offered Hard, Soft, and Wheeled
Material Plastic/Polyurethane
Handle Two Plastic Side Handles (Some have a metal handle)

Igloos’ Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Igloo is a favorite among the affordable and simplistic crowd, but can they offer up against some of the newer, more modern, and feature-rich coolers that are hot on the market today? Yes, yes they absolutely can, and they do it well with their Outdoor Sportsman series. A quick note here, Igloo actually has several really awesome feature-packed lineups, but many of them are now made overseas, so you have to be wary of that! At the time of writing, the Sportsman series is still being manufactured in Texas with proud American handy work.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Igloo Outdoor Sportsman Coolers

There is a lot to like about the Igloo Outdoor Sportsman, and probably the first thing you’ll notice is that there are two versions, the Glide and the regular version. The glide, which is the cooler I personally own, has wheels and a handy dandy telescoping handle, much like you’d expect from a large piece of luggage, and it acts much like that as well, which I really like. It makes filling up the massive 110 Quart cooler to the absolute brim really easy to move around by one person. The wheels are plastic, as they typically are on any wheel-equipped coolers, but they’re awfully tough and durable, which I can attest to as I have dragged it through some pretty rough terrain and haven’t been particularly gentle to my Igloo Sportsman.

I own a lot of coolers, and it’s safe to say that while I don’t usually worry about a matter of a few hours difference in insulation, it is obvious that the Igloo Sportsman has better insulation than most of the cheaper Igloo options and just cheaper options in the rest of the market. Compared to those coolers that reach up into the hundreds of dollars, the Igloo can hang with them and even perform so similarly that you won’t notice a difference. You can feel confident setting this next to your buddy’s several hundred-dollar Yeti, knowing he paid a lot more, but his stuff will be just as insulated as yours!

These aren’t exactly cheap or low-cost options, but they certainly aren’t in the realm of the most expensive coolers either, so I think they’re a pretty happy middle ground between spending not enough and spending way too much. The truth is, most people don’t really get the value they think they’ll get spending upwards of three and even four or five hundred bucks, so giving the Igloo Outdoor Sportsman lineup a serious look is advisable, as its performance really isn’t much less, if at all, compared to some of the heavy price tag holders.

7. Lifetime Coolers

Lifetime Cooler

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Origin Riverdale, UT
Available Sizes 28-quart, 48-quart, 55-quart, 65-quart, 115-quart
Cooler Types Offered Hard, Soft, and Wheeled
Material Plastic
Handle Nylon (most models) or single-piece metal
Latches Rubber

Lifetime’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Lifetime doesn’t have a lot of information about the manufacturing of individual items and with such a diverse product line, it’s hard to tell exactly where their coolers are made. They do state that they are made in the USA, likely at their Riverdale, Utah facility which is also their main headquarters.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Lifetime High-Performance Coolers

If you want a cooler made in the USA that still works within a reasonable budget, you’ll be jumping for joy when you see that Lifetime’s models come in at less than $150. When similar coolers from other companies can cost $500 or more, the price tag of Lifetime coolers is enough to get anyone’s attention. The cooling capability will keep you enthusiastic about this cooler. The nylon handles aren’t the most durable, but unless you are really planning to go to a really rugged location, they will likely work just fine.

Lifetime coolers are perfect for the budget-conscious outdoor enthusiast who wants a cooler that will keep things cold while still having money left over to actually fill it with food and beverages. Lifetime coolers do come with a five-year warranty and will withstand a bear trying to get into the cooler for up to an hour. The drain spout is threaded, which is great if you want to connect a garden hose and drain the cooler away from your picnic or campsite.

These coolers are very durable, and in the video below, you can see a bear having no luck trying to destroy a Lifetime cooler.

8. Bison Hard-Shell Coolers

Bison Hard Cooler

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Origin Fort Worth, Texas
Available Sizes 25-quart, 50-quart, 75-quart, 125-quart
Cooler Types Offered Hard, Soft, and Wheeled
Material Roto-Molded Polypropylene
Handle Two Rope Side Handles

Bison’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Bison hard-shell coolers are made and assembled in Texas. The company clearly supports American businesses and manufacturing. Overall, we really like what the company stands for and they take a lot of pride in their coolers.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Bison Hard Coolers

Bison hard coolers are an excellent middle ground of simplicity but modern-aged technology. They aren’t going overboard trying to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, but they do use the latest inject molding techniques to ensure an excellent top-class insulation level and a basically indestructible outer shell. These bad boys are tough as nails and will keep your goodies cool all weekend without breaking a sweat. They’re a little expensive, but they’re also the kind of cooler that you’d buy and never have to buy another ever again.

For those who have the extra money to spend on something that is impeccably built and will last a lifetime, I would definitely recommend these. The simple fact is that, while we all know Yeti coolers led the way in super expensive but high-performance coolers, it’s rare to find a Yeti made in the United States, and with that said, Bison has filled that gap and offers us a very similar experience and performance, usually at a somewhat lower cost, while being made in a Texas town that really appreciates the work and patronage! Yeti is the cool kid brand, but if you can break the stigma and venture out, you’ll find brands like Bison do just as good of a job without sending their production overseas.

9. Steel-Belted Coolers by Coleman (Awesome Vintage Cooler)

Coleman American Made Cooler

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Origin Wichita, KS or Braunfels, TX
Available Sizes 54 Quart
Cooler Types Offered Hard, Soft, and Wheeled
Material Steel
Handle 2 Steel Handles

We reference Coleman’s manufacturing information above, so we won’t talk about that here.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Coleman Steel-Belted Coolers

I like the vintage look of this cooler. It really evokes the bygone days when backyard barbecues and beachside picnics were top entertainment for Americans. It does have modern comforts, though, such as a seat on the lid that can hold up to 250 pounds, a stain-resistant plastic lining, and an easy-to-use drain. I also like how easy it is to find Coleman coolers, whether you choose this model or a different one. The price is good for the performance, although it isn’t quite as tough as some of the other more rugged options on our list.

If you want a budget-friendly cooler that looks and performs well, you’ll be happy with just about any hard-sided cooler from Coleman. The look of the Steel-Belted cooler provides vintage-inspired style, which is particularly great from a longstanding brand like Coleman. This isn’t a particularly large cooler, so it’s probably best for those looking for something to take on a family day trip or use with just one person for a few days.

10. Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Coolers

Cabelas Camping Cooler

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Origin USA
Available Sizes 80 Quarts
Cooler Types Offered Hard, Soft, and Wheeled
Material Plastic
Handle Nylon

Cabela’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Cabela’s doesn’t offer a lot of information about their manufacturing process, just stating that their Polar Cap line of coolers and tumblers are made in the USA. The company itself began as a Nebraska-based catalog company that marketed outdoors products. They eventually merged with Bass Pro Shops, a similar retail company based in Missouri.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Cooler

The Cabela’s cooler is a great balance of weight and insulation. It is made of a single piece of molded plastic, including handles that are molded in. This means that it is easy to carry even after years of use, although it does still come with a nylon cord handle that can be used to manipulate the cooler. It comes in four colors that will fit right in with hunting and fishing gear: white, tan, green, and orange.

If you want a cooler that performs well from an established brand, the Cabela’s Polar Cap is a good option. It does have a rubber closure mechanism. While it advertises as bear-proof, you will need to make sure that this closure is secure before putting it to the test. The cooler has an airtight gasket seal to keep the cold temps inside and prevent leaks.

11. Cordova Hard Coolers (Great Single-Point Manufacturing)

Cordova Hard Cooler

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Origin Nampo, ID
Available Sizes 28 Quarts
Cooler Types Offered Hard, Soft, and Wheeled
Material Plastic
Handle Plastic

Cordova’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Cordova Coolers was founded in Walla Walla, Washington but now calls Nampo, Idaho, home to its manufacturing plant. The company’s founders (a former Navy SEAL and a backcountry pilot) developed a line of coolers and other products to help deep-sea commercial fishermen with the gear they need. Everything to make the hard-sided coolers is done at their Idaho facility, including molding the plastic, adding the insulating foam, assembling and inspecting the cooler, and shipping it to customers and retailers.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Cordova Hard Coolers

The Cordova coolers are pretty utilitarian-looking but have an impressive number of high-tech features. They use top loader latches, which some customers find easier to undo with one hand. When you are loading your cooler, this can be a great feature. The lid also has a locking mechanism to keep it open as you pack up your food and drinks. The handles are particularly strong and even have a built-in bottle opener that can help get your party started without taking up valuable space or adding weight to your cooler.

If you want a cooler that supports American industry, the Cordova cooler is as All-American as they come. With every single aspect of the cooler’s design, manufacture, assembly, and marketing done under one roof, you can rest assured that you are buying a cooler that takes its role in maintaining American manufacturing seriously. The company also works hard to reduce their environmental impact. Plus, they make a great cooler, which is what it’s all about.

12. Kenai Coolers

Kenai Cooler

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Origin Decorah, IA
Available Sizes 45 Quart
Cooler Types Offered Hard, Soft, and Wheeled
Material Plastic
Handle Polyester

Kenai’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Kenai is based in Decorah, Iowa, where all of its coolers are made. They don’t go into a lot of detail about where all of the materials of the coolers are sourced, however. It is worth noting that Kenai roto-molds their plastic to make sure that the plastic is free of imperfections and even across the entire cooler body.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Kenai 45 Coolers

Kenai coolers come with a lifetime guarantee, one of the few features that I would happily pay more for when purchasing a cooler. They are expensive but still less than similar coolers also made in the USA. This is because they sell direct from their website rather than shipping and tracking inventory in retail stores. This makes it a bit harder to check out the coolers before purchasing but does cut down on the overall cost.

If you are comfortable buying a cooler without getting to look at it first (or are very, very good at internet research and relying on reviews like this one), then purchasing a Kenai cooler is a great way to get a top-of-the-line quality product for a lower price. The lifetime guarantee does make it a bit easier to take a chance on these coolers without testing them out first since you can be confident that the company stands behind its product and will replace it if there are any issues.

13. Taiga Coolers (Great Plant Product)

Taiga Coolers Terra

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Origin Texas
Available Sizes 27 Quart
Material Plant-based plastic
Handle Molded-in

Taiga’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Taiga designs, manufactures and assembles its coolers in Texas. As a Veteran-owned company, keeping business in the United States is very important to the way that they do things. From raw materials to finished cooler, everything that goes into a Taiga cooler comes from within a 200-mile radius.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Taiga Terra Coolers

Taiga has a lot of great products, but the Taiga Terra collection is definitely worth some extra attention. This cooler is made of hemp-filled polypropylene, a plant-based material that is eco-friendly. It still performs well and will keep your food and drinks cold. It has an airtight gasket, UV-protected surface, secure latches, and a drain spout. With all of these features and an environmentally conscious design, it’s a great balance of performance and sustainability.

If you care as much about preserving nature as you enjoy your time there, then the Taiga Terra cooler is a good option for you. It’s made with eco-friendly materials while still performing all the functions you expect from a cooler. It only comes in the 27-quart size (for now), so it won’t work if you need something particularly large. You can always double up and get multiple Taiga Terra coolers, however, which might even be easier to cart around.

14. Igloo Hard-Shell Coolers (Great for Wet Environments)

Igloo Marine Cooler

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Origin Katy, TX
Available Sizes 72 Quarts
Material Plastic
Handle Plastic

What We Like and Don’t Like About Igloo Marine Ultra 72 Coolers

I grew up with an Igloo cooler, so I may be a bit biased on how great this option is. The Marine cooler is particularly great for its simple construction that can be drained and hosed out easily. It is available in eight different sizes, with the 72 Quart being one of the most popular. It works well with most boats and can hold plenty of food, drinks, and (hopefully) fish after a long day on the water. Every material that goes into the Marine coolers was chosen for its performance in wet environments, such as boating and fishing.

If you plan to use your cooler around the water a lot, the Igloo Marine cooler line is made of UV-protected material that won’t fade or warp, as well as rust-resistant metal parts and hardware. The cooler can also be used as a bench seat (perfect for fishing) and has a built-in ruler to measure anything that you catch. The white color also blends in well with many boats and isn’t visually jarring against a serene water landscape. The Marine cooler line fills a market need for those into water recreation that not many other companies really focus on.

15. Bison SoftPak Cooler (Great Soft-Sided Cooler)

Bison SoftPak Cooler

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Origin Texas
Available Sizes 50 Quart
Cooler Types Offered Hard, Soft, and Wheeled
Material Vinyl
Handle Vinyl carrying strap

What We Like and Don’t Like About Bison SoftPak Coolers

This is a great soft-sided cooler and tougher than most of its competitors out there. It isn’t huge but will hold a pretty large lunch, plenty of beverages for a group, or a small assortment of meats for grilling. I like that it comes in two size options and has a shoulder strap, carrying handle, and buckle top. Bison also offers a two-year warranty and a 30-day trial period. You can really put your cooler to the test to make sure it suits your needs.

If you want a tough cooler that is still easy to transport, the Bison SoftPak cooler is great. It uses a vinyl shell that is tear-resistant up to 375 pounds and UV protected to keep its color. This is an ideal cooler for outdoor sports enthusiasts who need something that can handle rough conditions but still need to be able to transport or carry it without taking on a ton of extra weight. It’s bigger than a lunchbox, however, and is better suited for a full day or a meal for a few people unless you are a particularly hungry person, of course.

16. FlipLid Coolers (Great Personal Cooler)

Coleman Fliplid Cooler

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Origin Wichita, KS or New Braunfels, TX
Available Sizes 5 Quarts
Cooler Types Offered Hard, Soft, and Wheeled
Material Plastic
Handle Plastic Bail Handle

We’ve already talked about Coleman above, but I wanted to emphasize that they also offer some great personal coolers. Just keep in mind that if you do choose a Coleman cooler, make sure to pay special attention to the manufacturing information.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Coleman FlipLid Coolers

Inside of Coleman Personal Cooler

Ah, the old flip lid Coleman; I share many memories with this particular cooler, from taking it for lunch at my first ever job to many bonfires, camping trips, and even having it alongside me while traveling around the US. I still have my old flip lid, almost ten years old now and certainly showing a ton of wear and tear as I wasn’t always nice to it, but it’s never let me down, and despite many instances of heavy abuse, it still works as it did the first time I ever loaded it up!

It’s impossible for me to be unbiased, but the truth is, this is one of the lowest-cost personal coolers on the market that’s still made in the US, and it’s by no means low quality, these will last a seriously long time, and although on first impressions, it doesn’t seem very thick or insulated, it’ll keep your lunch or brews cool throughout an entire day. There isn’t much else to say, as these are pretty simple and don’t have any gadgets or features you might find on a fancy pants cooler.

If you’re like me when I first bought this cooler, a young kid going off to his first job on a construction site, and you’re either on a tight budget or you just simply aren’t prioritizing spending a ton on a personal cooler, then this is perfect for you. The only other real US-made personal cooler competitor that’s super affordable and high quality would be the Igloo Playmate, which I also own, and honestly, I do prefer the flip lid, but I think both are excellent choices. The Igloo Playmate will also be on this list!

17. Igloo Playmate (Personal Cooler Runner Up)

Igloo Playmate

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Origin Katy, Texas
Available Sizes 4, 7, 14, or 16 Quarts
Material Polyurethane
Handle Igloo Exclusive Tent Shape Lid/Handle

Igloo’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Not all Igloo coolers are made in the United States, but the company does provide a very comprehensive list of those that are. A lot of the Playmate portable coolers are made in their Katy, Texas facility, as well as the Marine coolers, water jugs, and a few vintage-inspired options.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Igloo Playmate Coolers

I once tried replacing my Coleman Flip Lid because after over ten years of very hard use and abuse, it started looking like it needed to join the cooler afterlife, and I did so by grabbing a Playmate from Igloo. I have since had both the version where you have to click the little button on the side, and if you aren’t careful, it bites your finger, and the one that opens from the button on the handle, and I can say that, although it isn’t going to replace my love for the Coleman, it is an excellent personal cooler.

The old Playmate is pretty well known for that side button being a nuisance, but overall, both versions are excellent, low-cost options that simply get the job done. Will they have a bunch of modern new-age technology and fancy gadgets? No. Will they keep your lunch cool while you’re at work all day? Absolutely. There isn’t much to say, as these are rather simple designs, and really the only thing that stands out is the tent lid, which does give you a little extra headroom for something like a tall water bottle, but it can interfere with the lid opening, so that’s just a small user experience related thing to consider.

At just a few bucks more than the Coleman Flip Lid, I can’t really tell you which one you should buy. I’ve owned both for many years and made memories with both of them, sometimes at the same time, and honestly, it really comes down to personal preference. One thing that made me frequent the Flip Lid more was that it simply fit under the seat perfectly in my boat, whereas the Playmate couldn’t fit because of the taller tent lid design, so perhaps that’s something to consider, but other than that, they both play the same role, and they both do it about as well as each other. Either option is going to provide for a fantastic American-made personal cooler experience!

18. OtterBox Trooper Cooler (Super Tough)

Otterbox Cooler

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Origin Fort Collins, CO, and Detroit, MI
Available Sizes 20 Quarts
Cooler Types Offered Hard, Soft, and Wheeled
Material Plastic
Handle Nylon

OtterBox’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

OtterBox coolers are designed in Fort Collins, Colorado, and manufactured in Detroit, Michigan. They come with a lifetime guarantee and ship for free anywhere in the United States. More information is available about manufacturing molded plastic parts and insulation for all of the OtterBox coolers. The Trooper cooler does include a detachable nylon strap as well.

What We Like and Don’t Like About OtterBox Trooper Coolers

Chances are, if you have heard of OtterBox, it is in relation to their durable smartphone cases. The company brings the same technology to its line of American made coolers. The securing latches on these coolers are particularly strong, and the entire cooler itself is leak-proof. I also like the interior design, which includes plastic trays and sections that you can use to keep some foods dry and away from the ice in your cooler.

OtterBox is a well-recognized name when it comes to durability. If you want a cooler that can take a beating without leaking or damaging your items inside, you’ll love the OtterBox options. It also has plenty of accessories and interior organization modules to customize your cooler usage for the food, drinks, and situation.

Factors We Considered

Coolers Made in USA Guide

When picking out a new cooler, here are some things to consider before making your purchase.

Why Buy an American-Made Cooler?

The American manufacturing industry is an important component of the economy and building opportunities for American workers. When you buy goods made in the United States, your purchasing power goes to support these businesses and workers. While many assemble their products in America, some take American-made a step further. Look for a retailer or manufacturer that creates the raw materials that go into their coolers right here in the U.S, this includes molded plastic, insulation materials, latches, and handles.

Coolers and outdoor gear have a long history of design, manufacture, and use in the United States. American culture prioritizes outdoor recreation at important places like National Parks, and supporting American businesses when you purchase gear is rewarding as well. Buying a cooler made in America also cuts down on shipping costs and the environmental impact of shipping an empty cooler from around the world to get to your local outdoor store or your door.

Supporting American Manufacturing

It almost always costs more to buy a product made in America than one by a competitor that moves to manufacture overseas. The United States has better labor laws, which require companies to pay their workers a fair wage and ensure their safety as they work to manufacture and assemble the products that you buy. This costs more and often translates to a higher price for the consumer but is better for the employees, the company, the product, and the economy.

Superior Products and Warranty

High-performance coolers (those made in the USA and those made overseas) use the best technology to make sure that they will keep your food and drinks cold for the longest time possible. This means that they cost more. They often come with a good warranty and some even have a lifetime guarantee. I believe that it’s worth paying more for a better product that is guaranteed by the company.

Cooler Sizes:

One of the main distinguishing features between different coolers is their size and capacity. Keep in mind that not all companies will have a wide variety of sizes available, although most do offer at least three or four capacities.

Small (Under 15 Quarts) – Ideal for Individual Daily Usage

A small cooler will work for a packed single lunch on a day trip or beverages on a road or boat trip. Smaller coolers often come with a detachable nylon strap to carry the cooler, either from your car to your picnic site or on the trail. Soft-sided coolers are more common in small sizes, but you can still find hard-sided small coolers, especially from companies that focus on rugged outdoor use products.

Medium (15 to 50 Quarts) – Ideal for Day Trips

These coolers are good for a small group on a day trip and can usually hold a few bottles of wine or water, snacks, and plenty of ice. Some have a pull handle to allow one person to pull them to the destination, while others are better for a two-person carry.

Large (50 to 100 Quarts) – Ideal for Groups or Long Trips

For those getting ready for a backyard barbecue or camping trip, a large cooler that fits in your vehicle or on your porch will usually do the trick. These coolers are best transported by two people, one carrying each handle. They can come with interior organization systems to separate sections or be open to allow for ice, drinks, and food.

Extra Large (100+ Quarts) – Ideal for Parties

If you need to provide cold drinks and food for a crowd, you’ll definitely want an extra-large capacity cooler. These definitely need two people (usually two strong people when the cooler is full) to move them. In fact, it might be easier to get the cooler set up where you want it, then add ice, drinks, and food.

Special Features:

Your cooler doesn’t just need to be about keeping things cold. Special features can help with everything from carrying it easily to rocking some awesome style.

Material Considerations:

Generally, coolers can be divided into hard-sided and soft-sided coolers. Soft-sided coolers are usually made of vinyl that is flexible and foldable (to some extent). These coolers come in smaller sizes since large and extra-large coolers need the added structure that comes from a hard-sided material. Hard-sided coolers are made with molded plastic and can be made out of a single piece or assembled from multiple pieces. Many cooler manufacturers use a rotational molding process to make sure that the plastic is uniform and strong.


Nothing ruins a cooler’s utility like weak handles. This is why strong handles remain one of the most in-demand cooler features, especially for high-end coolers that are meant to be used in rugged conditions. Molded-in handles are the least likely to fail, although may not be the most comfortable. Metal handles are usually pretty strong, although they should be made to be rust-resistant, especially if your cooler will be in wet conditions. Nylon strap handles are often the most comfortable and are pretty common on small coolers. These straps are often made outside of the U.S., however, which may be a big factor for some consumers.


Some of the coolers on our list have optional accessories made to go with the cooler. These can range from an interior organization, such as trays or dividers, to attachments on the outside of the cooler, such as cutting boards or bottle openers. These accessories almost always cost extra and are sold separately. If you know that you’ll want accessories, look for a cooler that works with them and purchase a bundle to save money.


Style may or may not be a big factor for you when choosing a new cooler. But many manufacturers know that outdoor enthusiasts are passionate about their gear and want it to reflect who they are. A brightly colored cooler can be easier to find on a crowded beach or trail, as well as make it easier for other people to see you during hunting season. The interior of coolers can also be a great place to showcase color, although many are white to make them less likely to absorb heat. Look for colors that are UV protected to keep them from fading.


If you put ice in your cooler, sooner or later, you will need to remove the ice and water. Small coolers are easy enough to just empty and turn over to drain completely. Some large coolers can be drained this way, but many also feature a drainage hole or spout. Look for a cooler that is easy to drain without tipping. If you are required to tip the cooler full of ice, it can be difficult to get the required leverage needed to move the cooler without help. For the easiest drainage, find a cooler that has a threaded drain spout. With this system, you can attach a garden hose and route the water away from the site of the cooler.

Wrap Up:

Finding a high-performance cooler that has all of the features you need within your budget is a big task, especially since so many are a big financial investment. But once you find the company and cooler that fits your wants and needs, it can make your next outdoor gathering easy and a fun place to enjoy cold beverages and food. Whether you are looking for a personal use cooler, something for your family and friends, or an extra large storage cooler for your next fishing trip, buying something made right here in America is a great way to participate in American outdoor recreation and support the local economy.

Have you used any of these coolers to keep your treats and snacks cool? Let me know about your experience in the comments!

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  1. Hard to go wrong with the classic Coleman. I’ve had mine for almost 10 years and it’s great. I’m looking for a cool now with wheels though so I’m exploring my options.

    • Hey Darren, I agree Coleman coolers are great and iconic at this point. Growing up we always took them fishing and camping and they really are so versatile. For the money they are just really hard to beat. As far as coolers with wheels those Kong coolers are incredibly strong so maybe give them a look! Thanks for your comment.


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