17 Best Flashlights Made in the USA (2024 List)

The flashlight market is flooded with thousands of poorly made flashlights made in China and other countries where the cost of manufacturing is low. These flashlights can’t be trusted and aren’t worth your hard-earned money and our opinion. Thankfully, there are hundreds of different flashlights made in the USA to choose from! Some are produced by large well-known brands, and others by niche businesses. There are also many different styles, but the most surprising thing is the wide range of price points.

It can be a little tricky to navigate the vast and complex flashlight market so, in this guide, we’ll shine some light on what brands you can trust.

American Made Flashlights Featured Image

Most products made in the USA are more expensive than competing imported products, but this doesn’t necessarily hold true for some of these flashlight brands. They’ve managed to stay very competitive within the global market. The flashlights discussed here range in price, with some flashlights being very affordable while others are expensive high-end professional-grade tools.

List of American-Made Flashlights

Maglite ML300LX (Great Value)

My Maglite ML300LX Flashlight

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Estimated Price $70
High Output 625 Lumens
Runtime On High 16 Hours
Rechargeable Yes
Battery Type 2 or 3 Cell D Alkaline
Waterproof Water-Resistant to Rain IPX4
Materials Aluminum
Origin Mag Instrument Inc of Ontario, California

Maglite’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Back in 1955, Anthony Maglica started up his own custom machining operation that by 1974 became Mag Instrument Incorporated. Creating what became the new standard for flashlight design and quality, he invented the Maglite flashlight in 1979 and never looked back.

With over 200 employees, they’ve become the standard for American manufacturing. Maglite flashlights are made in America with a small amount of imported parts. Specifically, they are made in Ontario, California.

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Maglite ML300LX

The ML300LX series is abundant with features that took quite a long time for Maglite to truly adopt, but now that it’s here, it’s no wonder why this series has quickly become one of the most popular series to date. With a myriad of lighting options, from strobe to eco, to momentary, as well as the traditional full power and low power modes, you can easily set the lighting mode you need while also having better control over the battery consumption. Speaking of battery consumption, that new eco mode is pretty amazing, giving off more than 69 hours of continuous run time.

Front View of ML300LX Maglite

These aren’t as cheap as the original ML300 lineup or the older incandescent versions of the Maglite, but they do bring to the table a level of technology that I’d consider a worthy investment. The battery life, even at max power, is significantly more efficient than the older Maglite models, and with the 3-cell variant giving off more than 625 lumens, this flashlight is one of the best all-rounders on the market today. There isn’t much not to like here, the traditional Maglite is probably a better value, but personally, I’d rather spend a little more to get a flashlight with longer battery life and additional features.

I also really like the textured grip on the ML300L better than the grip you’ll find on a classic Maglite.

Who the Maglite ML300LX is Ideal for

If you’re someone who has trusted and has been satisfied with Maglites before, and you’re looking for an upgrade from those classic incandescent models, the ML300LX series is well worth the money. If you’re new to the flashlight world and you’re wondering if spending over 70 bucks on a flashlight makes sense, well, starting with the classic incandescent Maglites is never a bad idea.

If you were looking for something similar but perhaps a bit smaller and lighter, check out the smaller 2-cell variant of the Maglite ML300LX 2 Cell Flashlight here.

Maglite ML150LR (Dependable Rechargeable LED Flashlight)

Maglite ML150LR Rechargeable Flashlight

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Estimated Price $145
High Output 1082 Lumens
Runtime On High 3 Hours
Rechargeable Yes
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Waterproof Water-Resistant to Rain
Materials Aluminum
Origin Mag Instrument Inc. of Ontario, California

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Maglite ML150LR

The Maglite ML150LR(X) is the perfect flashlight for frequent use based near an electrical source. You can mount the unit at a security gate booth, in a patrol car, or at your desk. It quick-charges to 80% battery capacity in just 30 minutes and lasts for 3 hours on the high beam setting. With brightness settings from 25, 138, and 1082 lumens, this light gives you all the options you need.

Maglite ML150LR on Charger

For its size, it does have a very strong beam that gets the job done. I really like that it has multiple power settings and eco-mode for situations where you want enough light to see something near you but don’t need a beam that can really reach out.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that isn’t at thick as a D-cell battery, and for that reason, the handle of the ML150LR is not as thick or heavy as the classic Maglites that most of you are used to. Being a little thinner, I also find it very comfortable to hold, and it’s easy to grip. Although a little thinner than classic Maglites, it’s still very durable and could certainly still be used in a self-defense situation.

I was actually blown away by the brightness of the LED bulb, and being that it is rechargeable, it’s a no-brainer for those who use flashlights frequently and don’t want to spend money continuously on batteries.

In my opinion, this is one of the best all-around flashlights out there.

Who the Maglite ML150LR is Ideal for

This is the perfect flashlight to mount in a patrol vehicle or farm truck to always be charged and ready for action. Police officers, park rangers, security personnel, dog catchers, and farmers would find this flashlight incredibly useful. Pretty much anybody that frequently uses flashlights will be very pleased by this offering from Maglite.

Maglite XL50 LED Series

Maglite XL50 LED Series American Made Flashlight

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Estimated Price $40
High Output 50 Lumens
Runtime On High 2.5 Hours
Rechargeable No
Battery Type 3 AAA Batteries
Waterproof IPX4 Rain Proof
Materials Aluminum
Origin Mag Instrument Inc of Ontario, California

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Maglite XL50 LED Series

The Maglite XL50 LED Spectrum Series Green flashlight is engineered for the outdoorsman. With a unique green spectrum light, it avoids the detection of most animals, including fish. Meanwhile, a green light spectrum is up to five times easier to see for humans than white light. The XL50 LED Spectrum Series Green flashlight is surprisingly suitable for both close-range and deep woods navigational purposes.

Although this flashlight only packs 50 lumens and would normally only be considered enough light for close-range applications, the green spectrum makes this light roughly equivalent to a 250-lumen white light. Part of this has to do with how our eyes process night vision. The green spectrum basically enhances our night vision.

Who the Maglite XL50 LED Series is Ideal for

When I first got the Maglight XL50, I was very surprised by its size of it because, honestly, I don’t often use compact flashlights. That said, I was looking for an EDC flashlight, so I figured why not go with one made by a company I’ve already had a great experience with. This little thing packs a punch, and no, I understand why this flashlight is sometimes called a little light saber.

The beam is very strong, especially for the size of the flashlight. While the batteries do drain rather fast on the highest setting, you can easily control the beam intensity to make it last a lot longer on a lower setting. On the 25% power setting, the batteries last much longer, and the beam is still strong enough for most basic things. I also really like that it runs off AAA batteries which are lightweight and easy to swap out.

Here is a picture of the flashlight in my hand so you can see how small it really is.

Maglite XL50 in my hand

Here is another picture of the flashlight from the front.

Maglite XL50 Front View

Fishermen, hunters, outdoorsmen, and wildlife biologists will appreciate this flashlight the most as it’s effectively invisible to most animals. If you need a reliable little flashlight, this is a perfect choice.

Maglite Incandescent Flashlight (Original Industry Leader)

Maglite Original American Flashlight

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Estimated Price $35
High Output 98 Lumens (4 Cell Version)
Runtime On High Roughly 9 Hours
Rechargeable No
Battery Type 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 D Alkaline D-Cells
Waterproof Water-Resistant to Rain – IPX4
Materials Aluminum
Origin Mag Instrument Inc. of Ontario, California

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Maglite Incandescent Flashlight

There are five total sizes of the original Maglight easily discerned by their cell capacity, from 2 to 6. The 2-cell variant is going to be awfully small and encompass something like 8 and a half hours of run time at 27 lumens, and the big beefy 6-cell can run at almost 11 hours, giving out 178 lumens.

Classic Maglite Flashlights

I’ve owned all of them for many years now, and my favorite is the four cell because it still fits nicely into a small day pack but gives me over 9 hours of run time to ensure I have light throughout an entire night when I need it. I keep the 6-cell in the toolbox of my truck, and I often have the 3-cell rolling around somewhere in my garage for when I need some quick light when working on my vehicles. These are so inexpensive that you can grab one for each one of your needs, just don’t forget to load up on D batteries.

Who the Maglite Incandescent Flashlight is Ideal for

The original incandescent Maglites, despite newer LED technology being more efficient, are still wildly popular due to their low cost and extremely robust designs. Simply put, this is the flashlight that several generations of American consumers have trusted and relied upon, and even now, these lights are being passed down to the next generation of flashlight wielders.

If you’re in the market for the absolute latest and greatest, check out Maglites LED flashlights, as these likely won’t meet your expectations of run-time or bulb longevity, but if you want a nostalgic tried and true design that is affordable and robust, you really can’t go wrong with the original Maglite. For the money, these are easily some of the best American made flashlights out there.

I’ve tested dozens of flashlights over the years, and these are still top of my list in terms of value.

Maglite Mini Pro (Compact Flashlight)

Maglite Mini Pro

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Estimated Price $30
High Output 272 Lumens
Runtime On High 2.5 Hours
Rechargeable No
Battery Type 2 AA
Waterproof Water-Resistant to Rain IPX4
Materials Aluminum
Origin Mag Instrument Inc. of Ontario, California

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Maglite Mini Pro

The Maglite Mini Pro is an excellent all-rounder in the tiny but mighty LED category, and with a price point of roughly 30 bucks, it’s honestly a home run in most instances. Now, I know there is an added bonus of those larger Maglites in terms of self-defense that many like to have, and you won’t really get that with the Mini Pro. All in all, the Mini Pro is not really mini at all, as there are substantially smaller flashlights on the market, but I’d say these are an excellent middle ground in that you have well over 200 lumens for excellent lighting while not having to lug around a heavy and cumbersome 20″+ flashlight.

Who the Maglite Mini Pro is Ideal for

The Mini Maglite Pro is really one of Maglite’s most technologically advanced flashlights, and I say that due to the incredible performance packed into such a tiny package, all wrapped up with a very modest and affordable price tag. For most people, the everyday Joes, that just need a reliable flashlight on the go, the Mini series from Maglite is not a flashlight you should easily pass up on.

For reference, the massive 6-cell original Maglite that uses the old incandescent bulbs is only capable of putting out a little more than half of the lumens that the Mini Pro can do with its advanced LED technology. Of course, you’ll get less total battery life, but would you rather lug around a few tiny spare AA batteries or a massive flashlight full of heavy D cells?

Surefire G2X Pro (Tactical Flashlight)

Surefire G2X Pro Tactical Flashlight

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Estimated Price $85
High Output 600 Lumens
Runtime On High 1.5 Hours
Rechargeable No
Battery Type 123A Lithium Batteries
Waterproof Yes
Materials Aerospace Aluminum and Polymer
Origin Surefire LLC of Fountain Valley, California

Surefire Company Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Surefire was started up in the 1980s by engineer Dr. John Matthews after he realized the value of laser sighting for firearms. Originally named Laser Products, that was all they originally produced. They’re now making weapon lights, flashlights, and a variety of other tactical products. They even manufacture their own lithium batteries. Most of their products are made in the USA.

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Surefire G2X Pro

The Surefire G2X Pro has a maximum output of 600 lumens for outdoor applications and a low setting of 15 lumens for reading and repairs. It operates as a floodlight for greater peripheral vision. The tough aluminum and polymer housing is impact-resistant, while the flashlight can survive heavy rain and the occasional quick submersion in water. It’s a lot more rugged and survivable than it looks, with a great feel and bomb-proof build.

The flashlight uses 123ALithium batteries, which are manufactured by Surefire and have an amazing shelf life of 10 years. Because the batteries last so long in storage, most users will have lots of spares on hand to reload as needed.

Here is a picture of me holding the flashlight so you can see compact it really is.

Holding the Surefire G2X Pro Flashlight

Here is another picture of the flashlight from the front.

Front View of Surefire G2X Pro Flashlight

Who the Surefire G2X Pro is Ideal for

This is perfect for someone looking for a USA-made flashlight for tactical situations. It’s designed for police officers, emergency personnel, and outdoorsmen. It’s rugged enough to survive real life and small enough to be an everyday carry flashlight. At around $85, it’s not going to break the bank, and it will be a reliable flashlight that you’ll have for many years to come.

Surefire EDC Series (EDC Flashlight)

Surefire EDC Flashlight

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Estimated Price $150
High Output 500 or 1200 Lumens
Runtime On High 1.5 Hours
Rechargeable No
Battery Type 123A Lithium Batteries
Waterproof Yes
Materials Aerospace Aluminum and Polymer
Origin Surefire LLC of Fountain Valley, California

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Surefire EDC Series

If affordability is your main concern, scroll back up and check out the Maglites! If cutting-edge American-made flashlights utilizing the most up-to-date design and technology are your cup of tea, Surefire does an excellent job of quenching that thirst. First and foremost, right out of the box, these things just feel premium, and by premium in the flashlight world, I mean well put together and exceptionally robust. Every part of the body on a Surefire EDC flashlight feels flawlessly machined and tuned to offer excellent grip but also a well-balanced experienced, just like a well-made EDC knife.

Who the Surefire EDC Series is Ideal for

Well, I don’t recommend these for everyone, and just like I mentioned above, these really aren’t for those that are on a tight budget. If you appreciate fine-tuning and advanced flashlight technology, and you have a rather deep budget for flashlights, then sure, the Surefire EDC Series is an excellent place to look.

Just like the name suggests, these really are excellent for those who need an EDC (everyday carry) flashlight that is both compact and extremely powerful. At over 1200 lumens, these are guaranteed to cause major discomfort and disorientation when pointed at an assailant, and they’ll have no problem illuminating everything in a room or in your immediate surroundings.

If rough tough reliability paired up with some seriously intense LED technology is what you need, then I see no reason to pass on the Surefire EDC Series so long as you can get the hang of the somewhat odd button configuration, where you have to press hard for high and press lightly for low. It’s not bad, it just takes a little time to get used to it.

Surefire Guardian (Most Technologically Advanced)

Surefire DBR Guardian

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Estimated Price $200
High Output 1000 Lumens
Runtime On High 2.75 Hours
Rechargeable Yes
Battery Type Lithium Polymer Rechargeable
Waterproof No
Materials Polymer / Aluminum
Origin Surefire LLC of Fountain Valley, California

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Surefire Guardian

The Surefire Guardian flashlight is the most technologically advanced flashlight in the review.

The first innovation is the Intellibeam technology which automatically adjusts the light output from 15 to 1000 lumens based on the light conditions. This means if you sweep the light beam from a dark wooded area to a white wall, the light will automatically dim before it blinds you with a blast of 1000-lumen reflected light. This makes the flashlight exceptionally useful for indoor, outdoor, close-range, or distance lighting situations.

The second innovation is the flashlight has two built-in lights. One lamp is a narrower beam for longer range use which maxes out at 800 lumens. The other lamp is a floodlight maxing out at 1000 lumens. This is the only flashlight on this list with two lamps.

The Guardian is equipped with a gradient power meter to inform you of the battery conditions. Its maximum longevity is at low power of 15 lumens over 60 hours.

Who the Surefire Guardian is Ideal for

People that frequently use their flashlights from indoors to outdoors, like backpackers turning on their light inside the tent and then going outside to explore, will find this flashlight most useful. Its Intellibeam is also especially useful in urban environments where blinding reflection is kept to a minimum.

Surefire Titan Ultra-Compact (Keychain Flashlight)

Surefire Titan Keychain Flashlight

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Estimated Price $115
High Output 300 Lumens
Runtime On High 1 Hour
Rechargeable Yes
Battery Type Rechargeable AAA NiMH / Non-rechargeable Alkaline AAA
Waterproof No
Materials Polymer / Aluminum
Origin Surefire LLC of Fountain Valley, California

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Surefire Titan Ultra-Compact

It’s about the same size as the average index finger, has 300 lumens, and is constructed of extremely durable yet lightweight aluminum; what’s not to like? Well, I can’t be upset at you for not liking the price tag, which is over a hundred bucks, but honestly, this is hands down the best keychain flashlight on the market, and at 300 lumens, these bad boys can outperform flashlights that are significantly larger.

If you really do need something ultra-compact with the ability to blind people, this is really your best option, and despite the price, these will last a seriously long time, much longer than pretty much anything else in its category. It may take a bit of illuminating to fully convince yourself or your significant other to spend this much on a tiny flashlight, but I promise, once you get your paws on one of these, it’s pretty likely you’ll see that hefty expenditure turn into a smart investment.

Who the Surefire Titan Ultra-Compact is Ideal for

There are many flashlights out there, and honestly, if you don’t need something ultra-compact, then the 1 hour run time at maximum power doesn’t make much sense, so I suppose that if you have the space or carrying capacity to get something larger, then do that. These are excellent options for those who don’t have the carrying capacity for a bigger flashlight or for those who hate carrying around loads of gear.

You know what they say, the best flashlight is the flashlight you actually have on you when you need it, and that’s really the primary market for the Surefire Titan; just make sure you also have access to extra batteries, as these things will rip through those AAA’s in a hurry. I generally run mine on the middle setting, so that doubles the battery life, but still, this isn’t the kind of flashlight that would get you through an entire night of use, but more so something to use in a jiffy that provides excellent amounts of light.

Surefire UDR Dominator (Super High-Intensity Flashlight)

Surefire Dominator

See at Surefire

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Estimated Price $1370
High Output 2400 Lumens
Runtime On High 52 minutes
Rechargeable Yes
Battery Type Lithium-Ion Rechargeable
Waterproof No
Materials Aerospace Aluminum
Origin Surefire LLC of Fountain Valley, California

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Surefire UDR Dominator

The Surefire UDR Dominator is a ridiculously bright and expensive flashlight. It’s engineered for professional police, rescue, or military applications where searchlights may be required. Its 2400 lumens turn night into day at a distance of about a half-mile. The practicality of this light goes beyond the searchlight capability. It has a selection collar for many different output settings and adjusts clear down to 15 lumens for reading.

This flashlight is built tough to resist drops and rain. There are rubberized end pieces to help survive a harsh impact. For such a big powerful light, it’s built at a reasonable size, just under 12 inches in length. It has a matte black military-spec anodized aluminum housing to reduce reflectivity. It comes with both AC and automotive DC charging cords.

Who the Surefire UDR Dominator is Ideal for

The Surefire UDR Dominator is a professional-grade flashlight at a price you’d expect for a product of this caliber. If you’re among the few people that need to blast darkness into oblivion during a search and rescue operation, this light is for you. Police, park rangers, wilderness EMTs, firemen, and military MPs would likely find this flashlight extremely useful. While this isn’t the ideal flashlight for the average person, it definitely has its place and is a great flashlight.

Princeton Tec Sector 7 (For Diving and Scuba)

Princeton Tec Sector-7

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Estimated Price $135
High Output 700 Lumens
Runtime On High 11 Hours
Rechargeable No
Battery Type 8 C Alkaline
Waterproof Yes, IPX8 100m depth
Materials Injection Molded Plastic
Origin Princeton Tec of Trenton, New Jersey

Princeton Tec Company Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Princeton Tectonics began back in 1975 when Bill Stephens developed the world’s first underwater dive timer. He then created the first inexpensive waterproof dive light in 1980 which propelled the company into fame. Now with over 200 employees, they manufacture several lines of lights out of their New Jersey facility and all are made in the USA.

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Princeton Tec Sector 7

Easily the most waterproof of the review, the Princeton Tec Sector 7 is a flashlight engineered for SCUBA diving. It’ll stay waterproof down to 300 feet which is twice as deep as most divers will ever see. Although it’s on the heavy side, once you dive into water, it’s more neutrally buoyant. At 700 lumens of light intensity and a wide beam, this flashlight will allow you to see your peripheral surroundings very well.

The pistol-grip light is actuated with a lockable trigger, and it’s glove-friendly. Meanwhile, a company called Advanced Innovations manufactures a rack specifically built to accommodate two Sector 7s and a GoPro camera. The flashlight pistol grips become the rack’s grips for a simple-to-use professional quality lighting and camera system.

Who the Princeton Tec Sector 7 is Ideal for

This is a light made specifically for SCUBA divers, and they’re the most likely to appreciate the design. However, the amazing waterproof nature of this flashlight also makes it useful for search and rescue crews, boaters, fishermen, and fish hatchery workers. Its overbuilt design also makes it useful for tradesmen on job sites because it won’t overheat out of the water. If used at the job site with the Advanced Innovations Rack and a second Sector 7, it can serve as a powerful 1400-lumen job site light.

First-Light Liberator STT (High-Intensity Flashlight)

Liberator STT Flashlight

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Estimated Price $265
High Output 500 Lumens
Runtime On High 2 Hours
Rechargeable No
Battery Type 2 CR123 3-Volt Lithium Batteries
Waterproof Waterproof to 1 Meter
Materials Shock-Resistant
Origin First Light USA LLC of Seymour Illinois

First-Light Company Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Specializing in tactical lights for military, police, and rescue personnel, First-Light has manufactured its lights in Seymour, Illinois, since being started up in 2004 by Jeremy Ross.

What We Like and Don’t Like About the First-Light Liberator STT

The First-Light USA Liberator STT is a tactical flashlight made for military, police, and rescue crews. Its usefulness has also made it a favorite among hunters and outdoorsmen. Its patented design, which straps to the back of the user’s hand, allows for both hands to be free while operating. It also features a thumb operation for adjusting the angle and light settings.

It’s a tough, useful design, and with 500 lumens, it has plenty of light output. It has settings that range from 5, 50, 175, and 500 lumens. The only drawback is the 2-hour runtime on high. Because of this, the light is least useful for longer outdoor search and rescue operations.

Who the First-Light Liberator STT is Ideal for

The First-Light, USA Liberator STT is perfect for anybody needing useful light while also needing two free hands. This flashlight is especially useful for security personnel needing to unlock an endless series of gates and doors, police searching a dark abandoned building for a dangerous suspect, and even a farmer gathering tools for an early morning repair before sun-up.

Peak LED Solutions Eiger Ultra X (Compact)

Peak LED Solutions Eiger Ultra Flashlight

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Estimated Price $60
High Output 420 Lumens
Runtime On High Several Hours
Rechargeable Yes
Battery Type 3.7v Li-Ion Rechargeable 10440
Waterproof Water Resistant to Rain
Materials Shock-Resistant
Origin Peak LED Solutions of Phoenix, Arizona

Peak LED Solutions Brand Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Robyn Seabert is the President of Peak Solutions, a small family-owned operation out of Phoenix, AZ. Her parents originally started the company in the 1970s as a precision machine shop. They began manufacturing LED flashlights in the early 2000s, and now they offer an enormous variety of customizations for their three models of high-performance pocket flashlights. They do all of their manufacturing and hand-assemble each light.

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Peak LED Solutions Eiger Ultra X

The Peak Solution Eiger Ultra X is a custom-built pocket flashlight and a likely candidate for the best everyday carry flashlight ever made. The full options are too numerous to list, but you can have a choice of LED, housing material (aluminum, steel, brass, copper), lens type, battery type, switch, and end cap. This gives the flashlight a wide range of possible characteristics. I would recommend contacting the company by email to get the full catalog of options if you want to build yourself the perfect little flashlight.

The tiny Eiger Ultra X can be built with a high-output LED that splits the night at an astonishing 420 lumens. The light uses a quantum tunneling mechanism which gives the light an infinitely variable light intensity from 1 lumen the whole way to the max. If opting for an aluminum housing, it’ll weigh in at just 0.94 ounces which is easily the lightest and smallest option reviewed here. It’s also available with an optional keychain attachment for ease of access. Meanwhile, the quality build and finish of the Eiger Ultra X is unparalleled.

The most interesting option for me is the brass housing. It’s satisfyingly heavy in the hand and has an antique quality that’s very appealing.

Who the Peak LED Solutions Eiger Ultra X is Ideal for

This is very much an everyday carry flashlight that anyone can appreciate, especially considering the dizzying array of available customizations. If you need a ridiculously bright light from a tiny source or enjoy owning high-quality custom conversation pieces, this flashlight is for you. It’s an incredible American-made flashlight, and we highly recommend it.

Princeton Tec League (Good for Underwater Use)

Princeton Tec League LED

Visit Princeton Website

Estimated Price $50
High Output 420 Lumens
Runtime On High 14 Hours
Rechargeable No
Battery Type 4 AA Alkaline
Waterproof IPX8 100m depth
Materials Injection Molded Plastic
Origin Princeton Tec of Trenton, New Jersey

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Princeton Tec League

This is Princeton Tec’s best-selling SCUBA diving flashlight because it’s ergonomic and traditional. The flashlight has a narrow beam rated at 420 lumens with a switch that’s glove-friendly. Its traditional design makes it as useful on land as underwater. Meanwhile, this light can dive to around 300 feet which is twice as deep as most divers will ever see. Because it has a narrow beam, this flashlight is best used for detail work.

Who the Princeton Tec League is Ideal for

As with its big brother, the Sector 7, the League 420 is going to be appreciated by SCUBA divers the most. Meanwhile, it’s become a favorite among land lovers as well because it’s super waterproof and durable.

Princeton Tec Attitude (Robust Design)

Princeton Tec Attitude

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Estimated Price $35
High Output 250 Lumens
Runtime On High 6.5 Hours
Rechargeable No
Battery Type 4 AAA Alkaline
Waterproof IPX8 100m depth
Materials Injection Molded Plastic
Origin Princeton Tec of Trenton, New Jersey

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Princeton Tec Attitude

The Princeton Tec Attitude Flashlight is impact resistant, exceptionally waterproof, and has a built-in clip. It can be used as a floodlight or with a focused beam. This tough little light is simple, easy to use, and has a respectable 250-lumen output.

Who the Princeton Tec Attitude is Ideal for

Being such a simple design at a reasonable price, this flashlight can be appreciated by a variety of outdoorsmen, adventurers, and those wanting to stock up their emergency kits.

Tektite Trek 2 (Popular Tektite Flashlight)

Tektite Trek 2

Visit Tektite Website

Estimated Price $25
High Output 19 Lumens
Runtime On High 40 Hours
Rechargeable No
Battery Type 3 AA Alkaline
Waterproof Yes 1000’ Depth
Materials ABS and Lexan
Origin Tektite Industries, Inc. of Trenton, New Jersey

Tektite Brand Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Founded in 1990, Tektite makes many types of LED lighting for consumer and military applications. They license many of their patented technologies to other brands. Most of their flashlights are completely made with materials sourced from the USA, except for their LED bulbs which are imported. Tektite is also an environmentally friendly company striving for sustainability and limiting waste.

What We Like and Don’t Like About the Tektite Trek 2

In terms of battery longevity, the Tektite Trek 2 is only outmatched by the Maglite LED 6D. It can run for as long as 40 hours on high or 200 hours on low. This is Tektite’s most popular flashlight because of its ridiculously long run time. With its low-end output of 19 lumens, this flashlight is best used for indoors or close-range applications.

The Trek 2 is a double-sealed flashlight that’s capable of working at ocean depths of 1000 feet. Its waterproof capabilities outshine its brightness, though, because 19 lumens isn’t going to be a useful light source at depth unless as a last resort. Some divers bring this flashlight for just that reason.

Who the Tektite Trek 2 is Ideal for

This low-powered flashlight is best used for indoor spaces and in your automotive or boat tool kit. It’s not going to work well for navigating terrain at night, but it’s perfect for reading, doing close-range mechanical repairs, or finding that bolt that bounced under your driver’s seat. It’s also the perfect USA-made flashlight for your emergency kit because it has such a ridiculously long run time.

Factors We Considered When Choosing USA-Made Flashlights

American Made Flashlights in Packages

The top priority was to develop a list of flashlights and brands that meet the Made in America Act of 2016. This means the flashlights must have 70% of the components made in the USA, with less than 30% of the components being imported. Each brand has its own formula for what this means. All of the flashlight brands covered here manufacture their housings in the USA.

Some source 90% of their components domestically, while others are closer to the 70% mark, but none of the companies were forthcoming on exactly which of their components were imported. They deserve the benefit of the doubt because it sounds like sourcing materials and components change based on market fluctuations. So it’s likely that a company could be sourcing their LEDs from a US supplier and then suddenly find themselves having to import based on immediate availability.

Some flashlight manufacturers still offer flashlights with incandescent or halogen bulbs. To keep an even playing field and lean toward the best lighting solutions, I chose to discuss mostly flashlights with LED bulbs because they’re brighter and have longer-lasting bulbs that are more efficient.

It should also be noted we did not consider lanterns, headlamps, or wristband lights in this list.

Super-High Intensity Flashlights

This category of flashlight is reserved for beams of light producing greater than 2000 lumens. A professional-grade light quality with search-light capabilities is a rare product. Of the made-in-the-USA flashlights, only one design qualifies, and it’s also the most expensive.

High-Intensity Flashlights

This category of flashlight produces a light beam of over 500 lumens and is considered a high-standard outdoor exploration and searchlight. Some flashlights feature a more narrow beam for throwing the light a greater distance, while others feature a floodlight pattern for lighting up your peripheral visions.

Medium Intensity Flashlights

This category of flashlight features a light beam producing between 200 and 499 lumens. These lights are general purpose with beam intensities strong enough for most outdoor applications but lacking long-range search capabilities.

Low-Intensity Flashlights

This category of flashlight is better utilized for close-range applications such as reading/writing, performing mechanical repairs or for indoor household usage. These Flashlights are under 100 lumens.

Wrapping Things Up:

Flashlights Made in USA Guide

As always, my choice of flashlights may differ from yours, and that’s ok. There are many different flashlights made in the USA that I considered, but new flashlights are always coming to the market. Let us know in the comments what you think of this list or if you know of any good flashlights that we should add.

If I were to buy just one of the flashlights covered here, I would probably go with a Maglite or the Koehler-Bright Star Razor 2. It’s almost indestructible; it floats on water and produces excellent light.

That does it for this article; let us know if there are any great flashlights we missed in the comments below. We are constantly trying to improve our articles so we really appreciate community feedback.

4 thoughts on “17 Best Flashlights Made in the USA (2024 List)”

  1. Hey Kevin, I appreciate you focusing on American made products. I think a substantial and increasing number of Americans are realizing that we have gone overboard investing in China, an amoral enemy, and need to reel it back as quickly as possible. The problem is often, “how do you find what you need, Made in USA”? You’re providing valuable info and critical service. Thank You!

    • Hey DK thanks for the comment and I agree. It can definitely be hard to find certain types of products made in the USA. Especially certain categories of products like small electronics. In these cases, I recommend just looking for not made in China.

  2. I need something for camping, which one would you choose? And holy cow some of these are expensive. Still better than made in China if you ask me.

    • Hey Jacob, most of the flashlights on this list would be very suitable for camping. While I haven’t been camping in a while, I used to carry a 3-cell Maglite because they don’t cost much, are durable, and work well for self-defense. That said there are a lot more advanced flashlights out nowadays with all kinds of features, but I don’t think you can go wrong with a basic Maglite.


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