10 Best Hammers Made in the USA (2023 List)

Hammers Made in USA Guide

Many hand tool companies that make hammers outsource manufacturing to countries where the cost of labor and manufacturing is lower. This makes it more difficult for those of us who use hammers on a regular basis to find a reliable hammer, especially one made in the USA. The good news is that there are still … Read more

Tools Made in the USA (20 Top Brands in 2023)

Tools Made in USA Guide

The United States was once one of the most prolific tool-producing countries in the world, but in recent years, many of the brands that used to manufacture American-made tools have turned to cheaper, offshore production. Despite this trend, there are still many high-quality tools made in the USA. Some tool manufacturers understand the importance of … Read more

Where Are Snap-on Tools Made? 2023 Overview

Where Are Snap-on Tools Made Resource

Founded over 100 years ago in 1920, Snap-on tools employs 12,600 workers worldwide and generates $3.4 billion annually. Their high-end tools are used throughout transportation industries such as in the automotive, aviation, marine, heavy-duty equipment, and railroad sectors. Joseph Johnson and Bill Seidemann founded the company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and with its rich American heritage … Read more

Where Are DeWalt Tools Made? 2023 Overview

Where Are DeWalt Tools Made Guide

DeWalt was founded in 1924 and since then has grown into an international tool behemoth that rakes in billions of dollars in revenue each year. It all started from humble beginnings in Leola, Pennsylvania. Although it’s an American-founded company, many consumers wonder where DeWalt tools are currently made. We’ll answer that below and share other … Read more

Wrenches Made in the USA (12 Top Brands in 2023)

Wrenches Made in USA Guide

Whether you are working on an automobile, a home improvement project, or at your place of employment, having solid, high-quality wrenches is a necessity. Unfortunately, nowadays, it’s getting tougher to find quality wrenches made in the USA, especially with all the foreign-made tools flooding the market. If you’re looking for companies that feature 100 percent … Read more

17 Best American Made Axes & Hatchets (2023 List)

American Made Axes and Hatchets Side by Side

The axe has been a staple of the American economy and development since its inception. Although the general idea and design have remained the same, the materials, geometry, and overall build quality have come a long way. Nowadays, many axes are cheaply made overseas, but thankfully there are still some reputable companies making some excellent … Read more

18 Tool Boxes Made in the USA (2023 Source List)

Tool Boxes Made in USA Guide

Building an arsenal of American-made tools has its own set of challenges, but finding a place to store them, well, that should be a fairly easy affair. That said, finding an American made tool box is a little more tricky. In the past, many tool boxes were made in America, but in recent decades, companies … Read more

Where Are John Deere Tractors Made? 2023 Overview

Where Are John Deere Tractors Made Guide

An iconic American brand born 60 years after the birth of America, John Deere has a history of innovation in the United States almost as old as our nation. They invented the first steel plows capable of plowing the American prairie soils without clogging. With that in mind, many people wonder where John Deere tractors … Read more