Wrenches Made in the USA (12 Top Brands in 2024)

Whether you are working on an automobile, a home improvement project, or at your place of employment, having solid, high-quality wrenches is a necessity. Unfortunately, nowadays, it’s getting tougher to find quality wrenches made in the USA, especially with all the foreign-made tools flooding the market.

Wrenches Made in USA Guide

If you’re looking for companies that feature 100 percent American-made wrenches, the list will be quite small. There aren’t many companies that still make all their catalog here in the United States. Names like Craftsman and Stanley, which were once synonymous with American-made tools, now make most of their products in China, Taiwan, or even India. You may still find some tools that are made in the United States, but you’ll have to search on the packaging for the country of origin.

It’s illegal for companies to slap on a made-in-USA tag if it wasn’t made here, but that doesn’t mean some companies won’t resort to shady tactics to try to trick you. They may use images to make you think these products are made in America, such as putting the flag on their packaging somewhere. If you are searching for domestic products made by American workers, you’ll have to pay attention and do your due diligence.

Keep in mind that manufacturing facilities and companies are constantly shifting names, changing factories, or moving things around, so always refer to the listing page and verify that the specific wrench or wrench set you’re looking at is made in the USA. That said, the list below is a great place to start and will get you pointed in the right direction.

List of American-Made Wrenches

Klein Tools Wrenches

Klein Tools Combination Wrench Sets

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Origin Chicago, IL
Year Founded 1857
Types of Wrenches Adjustable, open-end, combination, ratcheting box-end wrenches, and more

Klein Tools has been forging high-quality steel tools in America since 1857. They specialize in electrical tools, but their tool selection certainly doesn’t stop there. They also manufacture plenty of other American-made, American-forged hand tools as well.

In terms of wrenches, Klein has a wide selection of adjustable, combination, construction, open-ended, ratcheting wrenches, and specialty wrenches for all your needs. They all are forged from high-quality steel alloys and are corrosion-resistant. Their combination wrenches are offset at 15 degrees for confined spaces, and most of their wrench sets come with a pouch with marked pockets for easy storage.

Klein Tools has plans to invest over $100 million back into their established domestic manufacturing facilities and new facilities. Right now, they have facilities in Lincolnshire, IL, Mansfield, TX, Elk Grove, IL, Fort Smith, AR, and Bolivar, NY.

Their selection of USA-made wrenches is seriously impressive! I really like this brand and highly recommend them.

Proto Industrial Tools

Proto American Made Wrench Sets

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Origin Los Angeles, CA
Year Founded 1907
Types of Wrenches Ratcheting, adjustable, box-end, open-end, flare nut, and spanner wrenches

Another company I’ve come to love over the years is Proto. Their tools are built to last, and compared to wrenches made overseas, there really is no comparison. Proto tools are built to different specifications to withstand the harsh conditions of the most punishing jobs. Proto’s mission is to make its tools so durable and strong that you can count on them when you need them most.

Their handles are created to be ergonomic, so you don’t lose your grip. The wrench jaws and boxes feature anti-slip designs and locking grooves that reduce the possibility of slipping off and rounding the fasteners. There are also arched surfaces on the wrenches that are designed to spread the contact surface over a greater area and reduce stress points on the tools.

Proto Industrial Tools advertises that they are not made for weekend warriors or the occasional enthusiast. They are made for the hardest working individuals that need some of the best, strongest, longest-lasting tools on the market. Proto wrenches could be the poster child for the phrase “buy once, cry once.”

Cornwell Tools

Cornwell American Made Wrench Sets

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Origin Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Year Founded 1919
Types of Wrenches Combination, open-end, flare nut, ratcheting wrench, angle head, and adjustable wrenches

Cornwell Tools is the oldest of the “Big 4” mobile tool delivery companies. Started in 1919 by blacksmith Eugene Cornwell in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. He pounded out handmade chisels, pry bars, screwdrivers, and punches in his shop. He gained a far-reaching reputation as an exceptional quality blacksmith and toolmaker. As he gained popularity, Eugene began to experiment with different steel alloys and heat treatments to create longer-lasting, more rugged tools.

With automobile ownership growing exponentially, the demand for Eugene Cornwell’s tools allowed him to expand his company. In 1923 he moved to a bigger building in Mogador, OH, where the manufacturing facility is still located to this day.

Cornwell carries on the tradition of offering American-made hand tools, using steel alloys from the United States in two manufacturing sites. One is in Albion, PA, while the original factory still works in Mogador, OH.

Cornwell open-end wrenches offer a V-throat design. Unlike most other open-ended wrenches that only hold a fastener on two sides and have a rounded U-shape at the bottom, this V-throat feature allows the wrench to grip nuts and bolts on four sides for increased hold. Their wrenches come in either a hand-polished chrome finish or a black oxide industrial finish.

Wright Tool Company

Wright Tool Wrenches

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Origin Barberton, OH
Year Founded 1927
Types of Wrenches Open-end, combination, torque, box end, adjustable, and more.

C Nelson Wright started out by selling sockets and wrenches out of the trunk of his car. A natural-born salesman, he eventually opened up the Wright tool company in 1927. Even in those early years, Wright Tools were made for industrial applications. The company still forges its own tools in Barberton, Ohio, using American steel.

What sets the Wright Tool Company apart is the precision heat treating and advanced manufacturing techniques, which contribute to the exceptional quality of all their tools. As the Wright website states, “You’ll probably break before our tools do.” I really like this saying and if you can really tell this company believes in their products. In addition to exceptional steel and forging techniques, Wright uses state-of-the-art computer-aided drafting and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) programs to improve their existing tool designs. They are constantly innovating simple tools to keep up with high-tech demands and extreme applications. The finishes on their wrenches come in polished chrome and satin finishes. Wright’s wrenches are stamped with large numbers for quick, easy size identification.

Have you ever used an open-ended wrench that slipped off the bolt and rounded the edges, making it harder to break loose? With Wright’s patented Wright Grip, the seat has extra ridges on the wrench to help get a stronger “bite” on the bolt or nut so that there’s less risk of slippage. Rounded bolts will be a thing of the past with Wright wrenches.

Wright only makes one type of tool, and that’s a professional-grade tool that meets or exceeds ASME hand tool specifications. They don’t make lower-quality tools at a lower price for light jobs. If you’re getting Wright wrenches, you’re getting tools made for the toughest jobs available.

Snap-on Wrenches

Snap-on Wrenches

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Origin Milwaukee, WI
Year Founded 1920
Types of Wrenches Ratcheting combo and box wrenches, open-end, flare nut, half-moon box, combination end, crowfoot, and aluminum open-end wrenches

With automobiles becoming a way of life in the United States in the early 1920s, engineer Joseph Johnson knew people would need tools to work on these new machines when they broke down. Together with his co-worker William Seidemann they created five-tool handles with ten sockets that snapped on interchangeably to create what is now known as Snap-on tools. They worked tirelessly on weekends using crude jigs and old-fashioned muscle to create their interchangeable tools that would do the work of 50. Once they had a working demo set and a handful of brochures, they went out and generated over 500 orders for their new toolsets.

Their wrenches are made to withstand the pressures of tight nuts and bolts on automobiles and are nickel and chrome plated so they can be easily wiped clean when they get grease, oil, and other fluids on them. They are also very corrosion and rust-resistant for humid garage storage.

Now you can see the iconic Snap-on vans and trucks as they travel around, bringing the tools professionals need to them. Snap-on feels these hard-working individuals don’t have time to browse store shelves looking for the tools they need just to do their jobs, so they bring the tools to them.

Snap-on has plants located in Milwaukee, WI, Elizabethton, TN, and Elkmont, AL. Though time and rising costs have caused Snap-on to send some of their tool manufacturing over to China, most of their hand tools and wrenches are still made in America. On their website, they clearly label where each of their wrenches is made, so just do your due diligence! You can learn more about Snap-on and its manufacturing processes here.

Channellock Ratcheting Wrenches

Channellock USA Made Ratcheting Box Wrenches

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Origin Evansburg, Pa
Year Founded 1886
Types of Wrenches Adjustable, combination, and tongue and groove pliers

Channellock was started in 1886 by George B. DeArment, a small-time blacksmith in Evansburg, Pa. He hand-forged farrier’s tools and then sold them out of a horse-drawn wagon in nearby towns. At the time, George B. DeArment named his company the Champion Bolt & Clipper company. Fast forward to 1933 when the Chief Engineer, Howard Manning, came up with a stunning concept.

He had created a multi-position, slip-joint pair of pliers that had a tongue and groove pattern, which he named the Channellock. Two years later, patents and trademarks were applied, and the famous tool was born. It wasn’t until 1963 that the company adopted the name of the pliers that had made the company famous. Since then, Channellock has created two facilities in Pennsylvania equaling over 260,000 square feet and is one of the largest employers in the county. They hold several patents on their products, including one on the curved groove that locks the pliers in place. Between these two factories, Channellock makes over 75 sizes and types of pliers, including lineman’s pliers, end-cutting pliers, and wire cutters.

The Channellock company still is owned by the DeArment family, and their facilities employ over 350 full-time employees in Meadville, PA. Overall, if you’re looking for ratcheting wrenches made in the USA Channellock is a great choice.

Tekton Hand Tools

Tekton Wrenches

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Origin Grand Rapids, MI
Year Founded 1963
Types of Wrenches Angle head wrenches

Tekton got their name from the Ancient Greek language, meaning a person skilled with their hands. So it stands to reason that they would make great quality tools for professionals that make a living with their hands. They are located in Grand Rapids, MI, an area that is fast becoming a hub for advanced technology.

Tekton is taking advantage of that technology by employing individuals such as engineers and designers that are at the top of their field. They utilize the best materials they can source while using precise refining processes to strengthen their tools. Tekton is focused on creating better tools than its competitors while still keeping them at an affordable price.

Though the majority of their tools are made in Taiwan (73%), there are still a few selections that are designed and completely manufactured in the United States (22%). Tekton also takes the guesswork out of their catalog because when you search their online store, the country of origin is clearly stated in the “specs” section of all their tools. Their angled head wrenches are all made in America. Be careful when shopping because sometimes even the Taiwan-made wrenches will be placed in holders made in the USA, although Tekton usually does a good job labeling them in these cases.

These wrenches were made for tight, uncomfortable spaces where a specialized wrench is required. Instead of having to take out half the motor to get to one fastener, you could use a Tekton angle head wrench. They are made with 30-degree and 60-degree angles for better turns in tight spaces. These wrenches also come with what Tekton calls “Optimized Beam Position.” This means the wrench beam or handle is shifted just a little bit to give maximum turn space and range of motion around obstructions. For extra strength, Tekton has also designed a lean outside jaw while adding strength to the inside jaw. This means the stress points are more balanced, so you get more torque out of each turn.

Tekton uses a proprietary manufacturing process in the creation of their angled head wrenches. They use strictly controlled heating and forming processes, a laser cutting machine to get exact jaw sizes, and chrome-molybdenum steel to create a leaner wrench that will fit in spaces most of their competitors won’t.

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Loggerhead Wrenches

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Origin Chicago, IL
Year Founded 2005
Types of Wrenches Bionic wrench, bionic grip

Loggerhead was started in 2005 by Dan Brown, a man who had a belief that tools should work smarter while still being made in America. He stands by that belief by utilizing American labor, materials, and components to manufacture all the Loggerhead brands of tools. Dan created and patented a tool that grips like pliers but holds and works like a wrench. The idea came one day in 2002 when he asked his teenage son to work on the family lawnmower.

The son wanted to use a pair of pliers to grip the bolts because they were covered in gunked-up grass debris. Dan didn’t want to use pliers because they could strip the bolts, and that’s when an idea struck; out came the idea for the patented Bionic Wrench. The tool works somewhat like a camera shutter that clamps down on all six sides of a nut or bolt while using a pair of handles like pliers that also increase the force the tighter the handgrips. For open bolts that aren’t confined in small spaces, this single wrench can grip both metric and SAE, which could replace multiple sets of wrenches. When the tool debuted, it won the Popular Mechanics award for Product of the Year.

It started out at the base price of $32.95, which was much higher than typically adjustable wrenches. There was pressure for Dan to lower the price to $19.95, but that would have meant outsourcing manufacturing to another country. Dan Brown stood his ground because he wanted to keep the product here in America. His tenacity paid off, and the higher price point didn’t affect sales.

Loggerhead wrenches don’t typically sell in retail stores because of legal issues, but they are still made in the United States and can be found in their retail store. For small jobs like working on your kid’s bicycles, lawn equipment, and some automobile uses, the Loggerhead wrench can replace multiple tools.

SK Professional Tools

SK Wrenches

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Origin Chicago, IL
Year Founded 1914
Types of Wrenches Adjustable, combination, and flare nut

Started from humble beginnings by creating munitions for WWI. They were known as Sherman-Klove Company, named after the partners’ last names back then. They weren’t planning on selling tools until Hinsdale Manufacturing, a big Sherman-Klove partner, closed down because of the Great Depression. Sherman-Klove was left with a huge inventory of unsold tools. Then S-K Tools was formed to quickly sell off the excess inventory. Fortunately, they acquired a reputation for selling exceptional quality tools, and in the 1940s, they had cornered the market in knurled-based sockets.

These sockets had a sturdy construction, were tapered to reach tight places, and came in matte or polished chrome which was pleasing to many consumers. Many socket wrenches now are fashioned after these S-K products from the 30s and 40s.

Now S-K tools are part of Ideal Industries Inc, located in Colorado Springs, CO. All of their hand tools are manufactured in the United States using American steel. S-K recently moved its manufacturing facilities to Williamsport, PA, so they could take advantage of the Shop-Vac legacy that is now a part of S-K.

Their wrenches have several design factors that set them apart from their competition, including a patented sure-grip design that grips bolts or nuts tighter to prevent slippage and rounding of corners, an ergonomic I-beam handle for better handgrip, and the industry’s lowest arc swing for getting into tight spaces.

Overall, SK Tools definitely offers some of the most quality wrenches made in the USA.

Matco Tools

Matco Tools Wrenches

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Origin Stow, OH
Year Founded 1946
Types of Wrenches Ratchets and sockets

1946 was the year Matco started rolling around in their vans, selling exceptional tools to automotive professionals and mechanics. From then until 1979, the only way to get tools from Matco was to be an employee where the trucks frequented. Now though, they still have their iconic white trucks with the hex-eagle emblem, but enthusiasts and Shadetree mechanics have access to these excellent tools. You don’t have to chase down their trucks, or live in the 50 states, Canada, or Puerto Rico, to find Matco tools; they have an online catalog where you can access all of their tools, power tools, and toolboxes.

Matco wrenches are made of a hardened chrome vanadium steel alloy with a mirror-polished chrome finish for easy clean-up. They are made with comfort and balance in mind for the discerning professional. Some tools from Matco are manufactured overseas, especially in Taiwan, but some of their hand tools and wrenches are made in the USA.

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Crescent Tool

Crescent USA Made Wrenches


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Origin Jamestown, NY
Year Founded 1907
Types of Wrenches Adjustable wrenches

Part of the giant Apex tool group, Crescent wrenches have humble beginnings but have become synonymous with adjustable wrenches. While these adjustable wrenches are often replicated, there’s no substitute for the original.

Crescent Tool Company was founded in 1907 by Karl Peterson, a Swedish immigrant that invented the first open-ended adjustable wrench. This wrench was a remarkably new concept that could replace entire sets of wrenches with a single tool. Now, nearly every toolbox you open will have at least one Crescent wrench somewhere in the drawers because it has become an essential tool.

The Crescent brand of tools has since expanded to several different hand tools, from wrenches to sockets to cutting tools. Unfortunately, not all of their tools are made in the United States. Crescent has manufacturing facilities in Sumter, South Carolina, and China. The brand once was only made in America, but since being bought by the Apex group, manufacturing has been staged into multiple facilities.

Apex tool group is one of the largest tool manufacturing conglomerates. They hold names such as Crescent, Weller, GearWrench, Apex, Sata, Cleco, and more. Apex has manufacturing facilities all over the world, but most of its tools come from foreign countries. Apex acquired Crescent in 2010, and soon after, they sent the famous adjustable wrench to China to be manufactured in those overseas facilities. The quality declined a bit, and consumers noticed. They were accustomed to a strong product that didn’t shift or rattle. Now, some Crescent wrenches are manufactured in South Carolina, while others are made in China. It’s a little bit of a buyer-beware market out there for Crescent wrenches now.

When you look in the store, you may find mixed lots. I have seen 8” Crescent adjustable wrenches that were both made in the USA and in China on the same peg. The good news is that it seems that Apex and Crescent are trying to bring more products back to the United States, but before you purchase these tools, look at the package to determine where it was made.

USA Tool Supply

USA Tool Supply Wrenches

Shop USA Tool Supply

This company doesn’t manufacture any products, but it’s an outstanding online store that helps people find American-made wrenches and tools. If you’re working in construction, fleet maintenance, or manufacturing, or you have a home garage, you can find tools for all your projects here. They know it’s difficult to find American-made products when so much is made overseas, so they created this website to help US consumers find domestic products. From mechanics tools to electrical tools, they really have an outstanding selection to choose from.

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Wrap Up

Though some of these companies stand for quality and have high standards for manufacturing, if they are made in a foreign facility, there just isn’t the high standard of quality that comes from American craftsmanship. China certainly does not have the quality assurance that is mandatory in the United States. That’s one of the reasons the manufacturing is so much cheaper over there. There’s just not much oversight, quality control, or pride of workmanship overseas. The metal alloys could be below American manufacturing quality, meaning you get a lower quality tool made of softer metals. Can Chinese manufactured wrenches still be of great quality? They certainly can be, but without all the safety and quality standards that manufacturers in the United States employ, some substandard tools are bound to slip through. If you are paying extra money for a US-made tool, you will usually get a warranty to go along with it. A lot of these manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties. As long as you weren’t doing something crazy with the tool, you can probably get a replacement if your tools break or fail in some way.

You’ll have to decide what you are using the tools for and how much you are willing to pay for them. Industrial tools like Proto will be significantly more expensive than many brands. If you are tinkering in the garage on the weekends, you probably don’t need ultra-quality Proto wrenches. Though, if you want to have them to pass down to your grandchildren, and they, in turn, pass them down to their later generations, then go ahead and grab a few sets of industrial tools. They’ll stand up to whatever you can dish out.

A Final Note:

More and more manufacturers are starting to label products that are made in the USA, so search for that tag. While we are on this subject, let’s go over one more thing. Even with some of the products mentioned here, you may see tags that say something such as Made in the USA with Global Components or with Foreign and Domestic Components. This means the final production of the product was made here in America, but the raw materials or a small number of parts came from elsewhere. A lot of products will have this distinction because manufacturers are either still trying to cut costs, they may not have the ability to make everything from domestic components, or for other reasons. Either way, it’s up to you as a consumer to decide if you want all American parts and manufacturing or if you’re willing to accept some foreign parts. Either way, you are still helping to support American jobs and our own economy.

We hope you enjoyed this guide. If there are any good wrenches made in the USA that we missed, please let us know in the comments below so we can add them to our list.

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  1. I own some Klein wrenches I bought about 5 years ago and I find them to be great. I have a couple older Craftsman ones too but sadly I can’t find the same quality from them these days. That USA tool supply website is a nice resource that I didn’t know about. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Calob thanks for the comment. Klein tools really are nice and I like that they are made from American steel. Craftsman can be hit or miss nowadays from my experience.


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