18 Best Work Boots Made in the USA (2024 List)

It’s a well-known fact that America is built by hardworking patriots who love their country and take pride in their work, so it’s no surprise that many of them specifically search for work boots made in the USA.

Work Boots Made in USA Guide

A high-quality and comfortable pair of work boots can make all the difference when you’re on your feet for long hours helping to build a great nation.

In recent years a ton of cheaply made boots have been flooding the market, making it difficult to find authentic American-made work boots. Once you do find them, you’ll immediately notice the options get narrowed, and the price goes up. That said, American-made boots are worth the investment because they’re built to last many years.

List of American-Made Work Boots

Thorogood American Heritage Work Boot

Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe Work Boot

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Estimated Price $250
Height 6”
Uppers Full Grain Leather
Insole Ultimate Shock Footbed with Poron Comfort Cushion
Mid/Outsole MaxWear
Waterproof Goodyear Storm Welt
Certifications Waterproof, ASTM F3445-21, ASTM F2413-18, ASTM F2892-18

Thorogood’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Thorogood is a brand of Weinbrenner Shoe Company based out of Merrill, Wisconsin. Originally known as Weinbrenner and Pfeifer, the company was founded in Milwaukee by Albert Weinbrenner and Joseph Pfeifer in 1892. They created the Thorogood brand in 1917 to market to the American worker. In 2000, Weinbrenner Shoe Company became an employee-owned company, and they’ve been working toward building higher capacity for American-made boot and footwear manufacturing.

Thorogood makes a number of men’s work boots, but they do not offer any options for women at the time of writing this article.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Thorogood American Heritage Work Boots

These are some of the highest quality yet still affordable full-grain leather Moc boots on the market. Available in five different oil-tanned color schemes, these boots are utilizing some of the best work boot technology to remain compliant across several certifiable sectors, such as electrical hazards and slip resistance. Goodyear storm technology might be something new to some of you, but it’s just a new way to shore up these Moc-style boots to ensure they don’t leak and release any moisture into the boot when working in wet conditions.

These boots are rugged enough for most blue-collar positions working in or outdoors across a myriad of jobs, such as carpentry, electrical work, construction, ranching, etc. The fiberglass shank keeps these boots extremely light compared to many of its competitors while providing excellent all-day support, making these some of the most comfortable American-made work boots you could grab, something you’d probably want to consider if you regularly work long hours.

Red Wing Heritage Classic Boot

Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc

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Estimated Price $280
Height 6”
Uppers Leather
Insole Leather
Mid/Outsole Traction Tred
Waterproof No
Certifications Stain and Perspiration Resistant

Red Wing’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

The Red Wing brand was originally founded in 1905 in Red Wing, Minnesota. (Talk about staying true to your roots) Not only does Red Wing still run their company from this location, but they also own their own SB Foot Tanning Company that is a mile from their production factory. This gives them the option to choose only the best leathers for all of their products. The Red Wing factory still uses the Puritan Sewing Machines that have been a part of their business since the very early years of the company.

The Heritage Collection was launched in partnership with J Crew in 2007 to really focus on a higher level of quality and craftsmanship. It can take more than 230 steps to build just one style in this collection.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Red Wing Heritage Classic Boots

The outstanding reputation of the Red Wing brand speaks for itself, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that you’ll be finding several of their boots on this list. You really can’t go wrong with any Red Wing boot, so if you want to check out their full selection of work boots, check out their official Red Wing website here. I’ve owned several pairs of Red Wing boots, and I don’t have one negative thing to say about them. With Heritage Classic’s all leather insoles and uppers, they will mold to your foot the more that you wear them and get more comfortable over time.

Before you order, I would pay attention to the reviews and sizing guides as many customers stated that they needed at least a half size smaller in this style compared to what they typically order in other boots.

The leather liner is not necessarily something you would want to stand in all day as it doesn’t offer the same amount of cushion and support as some of the other styles. The crepe wedge sole will hold up for a very long time, so rest assured that your investment in this style will hold on for years to come as the leather conforms to your foot. These boots look amazing, but if you’re going to be on your feet all day, there are probably better options on this list.

Danner Men’s Quarry Alloy Toe Boot

Danner Mens Quarry Boots

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Estimated Price $300
Height 8”
Uppers Leather
Insole Ortholite
Mid/Outsole Vibram Quarry
Waterproof Yes
Certifications Alloy Toe meets ASTM Standards/EH

Danner’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Founded by Charles Danner in 1932, Danner Shoe Mfg. The company moved to Portland, Oregon, in 1936 to supply the booming logging operations. Charles Danner’s commitment to quality and striving to make the world’s best boot gave his company legendary respect among the hardest workers in the great Northwest. They supplied boots to soldiers during WWII and began outfitting hikers in the 1960s. Danner was sold to Erik Merk in 1983 then again to Lacrosse Footwear Inc. in 1994.

Lacrosse is now owned by a Japanese retailer, ABC-Mart, and based out of Shibuya which is a famous fashion center.

Danner manufactures and still produces many handmade boots that are made in the USA, which also includes a limited line of women’s boots. There are three tiers of made in the USA: Made in the USA, Made in the USA with Globally-sourced parts, and Made in the USA – Berry Compliant.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Danner Quarry Alloy Toe Boots

This Danner Quarry has a few more specifics designed for customers who need a great boot for work but need to have boxes checked for their safety programs. The alloy toe and EH (Electrical Hazard) are requirements in many major factories as well as some construction operations. With the standards set by Danner to have the leather go through nine different tests before making the final cut, you know the product you are getting is going to be worth the investment.

This style is recommended for the customer who wants a great all-around boot but also needs to have certain safety features built-in. The black leather option is also easier to keep polished and look nicer if you need it shined up as part of a uniform. This style could be used by many different occupations, from construction sites to police headquarters. These are easily some of the best work boots made in the USA.

Red Wing Shoes Roughneck

Red-Wing-Heritage Roughneck Work Boots

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Estimated Price $285
Height 6”
Uppers Roughneck Leather
Insole Leather insole
Mid/Outsole Cork Midsole, Vibram Lugged
Waterproof No

Red Wing’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

After Charles Beckman closed his first business, he was able to attract investors to open his own shoe-making company in 1905. He called it the Red Wing Shoe Company. From manufacturing barely over 100 shoes each day to now employing over 2000 employees and producing about 1000 styles around the globe, Red Wing Shoes has become a major footwear company. Their Heritage collection is still handmade in Red Wing, Minnesota.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Red Wing Roughneck Boots

This is a great-looking boot that’s tough enough to work light-duty jobs in most situations when toe protection is unnecessary. It’s comfortable enough for indoor shop work and rugged enough for outdoor work in the dirt and gravel. The boot is triple-stitched and built with a steel shank. Lastly, this boot requires a long break-in period to attain comfort.

This boot is not suitable for chainsaw work or lifting heavy objects that could injure feet if dropped.

The Red Wings Shoe Roughneck boot is made for hard-working men that want to look good such as foremen, architects, surveyors, worksite inspectors, carpenters, and craftsmen.

Danner Canadian

Danner Canadian Hunting Boots

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Estimated Price $400
Height 10”
Uppers Full Grain Leather
Insole Danner
Mid/Outsole Danner Airthotic, Danner Bob Outsole
Waterproof Goretex GTX
Certifications Waterproof, Cold Weather

This option from Danner comes from the same great American story and manufacturing facility in Portland, Maine as the Quarry boot mentioned above.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Danner Canadian Boots

Back in 1995, my best friend and I jumped into a pickup truck and drove to Alaska, where we backpacked off-trail all over the State. We soon found out Alaska has two conditions with the first being wet, muddy mountainsides and the second being a type of swamp called a Muskeg. Although we were wearing waterproof boots, they only reached 5 inches. Meanwhile, the swamps in Alaska would generously overtop my boots with muck on a daily basis. Add to that the snow that was falling, and it was a recipe for miserably cold feet over a solid month of backpacking.

The handmade triple-stitched stitch-down constructed Danner Canadian is the elixir for fighting cold feet in the wilds of Alaska, or anywhere else for that matter. With 10” uppers and Goretex waterproof lining, you can bet that these boots can handle swampy environments. Add to that the amazing 600 grams of Thinsulate Ultra insulation, and now you have a boot that can handle both wet swamp and snow at the same time.

Being built with a fiberglass shank and with a footbed with a built-in roll means the boot has both stability and flexibility for walking long miles.

What happens after you finally begin to wear this tough boot out? The good news, the boot is recraftable and Danner has prepaid service plans to make this boot last forever.

First, I would like to say that my 1995 self would be the perfect person to receive a pair of these amazing boots.

Otherwise, any worker walking through the swampiest, muddiest and coldest terrain will need these boots. Professionals such as hunting guides, wildlife biologists, exploratory scientists, park rangers, and surveyors.

This boot is not suitable for chainsaw work or heavy-duty projects requiring toe protection.

Danner Super Rain Forest

Danner Super Rain Forest Boots

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Estimated Price $400
Height 8”
Uppers Full Grain Double-Thick Leather
Insole Danner
Mid/Outsole Danner Airthotic, Vibram 132 Montagna
Waterproof Goretex GTX
Certifications Waterproof, ASTM F2413-18 I/75 C/75 EH

What We Like and Don’t Like About Danner Super Rain Forest Boots

This is the toughest outdoor work boot Danner makes, and it can stand side to side with the best of them. The Super Rain Forest has super-thick chemical-resistant leather. It’s triple-stitched using their stitch-down handmade construction and completely waterproof with Goretex. With the fiberglass shank and the slight roll of the footbed, these heavy-duty monsters are good at walking. Keep in mind that with super-thick leather construction, the break-in period can be lengthy.

What happens after you finally begin to wear this tough boot out? Some more good news is that the boots are re-craftable, and Danner has prepaid service plans to make this boot last forever.

Foresters, loggers, park rangers, landscapers, outdoor construction workers, and pretty much anyone needing a heavy-duty work boot with toe protection would enjoy this boot. Although it has a composite toe, the double-thick leather makes this boot suitable for chainsaw use.

Thorogood USA Logger Series

Thorogood Logger Series American Boots

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Estimated Price $290
Height 9”
Uppers Stud-Horse Leather Upper
Insole Removable, Ultimate Shock Absorption Footbed
Mid/Outsole Vibram Rubber Midsole, Vibram Outsole
Waterproof Waterproof Membrane with Aztec Lining
Certifications ANSI/ASTM I75 & C75 EH Approved

What We Like and Don’t Like About Thorogood USA Logger Series Boots

A more affordable logger boot than Danner’s Super Rain Forest, the Thorogood is almost as heavy duty. It’s a high-quality waterproof option for those workers wanting to spend a little less for a capable boot. It’s made with full-grain leather, a waterproof membrane, a steel shank, and a steel toe. The boot is rugged enough for occasional chainsaw work and tough enough for pretty much anything else.

The Thorogood USA Logger is also a handsome boot for hard-working men wanting to look good on the job site.

This boot is perfect for foresters, park rangers, outdoor maintainers, landscapers, construction workers, heavy machine operators, and anyone needing a heavy-duty boot in frequent wet weather.

Chippewa Modoc

Chippewa 25217 Modoc Work Boots

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Estimated Price $270
Height 6”
Uppers Leather
Insole Ortholite Removable Insert
Mid/Outsole 5 Iron Rubber, VIBRAM Lug
Waterproof Sewn Chip-A-Tex Waterproof Bootie
Certifications Cold Weather, Waterproof, Impact Resistant to ASTM Standards

Chippewa’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Chippewa Boots began in 1901 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin catering to loggers and the construction trades. Their largest historic contribution was producing boots for European and U.S. soldiers during WW1. Chippewa is credited with inventing the first railroad engineering boot, and they also created the first mountain boots worn by the US Army 10th Mountain Division.

They’re now a subsidiary of Justin Brands, Inc. out of Fort Worth, Texas, and Justin Brands is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, the American conglomerate holding company based in Omaha, Nebraska. Berkshire Hathaway is the eighth largest company in the world.

Chippewa Boots are now manufactured out of their Carthage, Missouri factory. As with most mass-produced boot manufacturers, only a small number of boots are still made in the USA, and they do not make domestic boots in women’s sizes. Their made-in-the-USA boots have parts and materials that are imported.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Chippewa Modoc Boots

Serious work requires a serious boot, and the Chippewa Modoc answers the call. It’s waterproof and insulated well enough to wear in most winter conditions. Featuring a stable footprint and steel shank, the boot is going to hold up to some tough shoveling. The nano-composite toe protection is super-light and super-strong which makes this boot ideal for heavy-duty use. Lastly, the Vibram lugged outsole provides excellent traction on muddy and slippery work sites.

Any worker doing a heavy-duty job in cold, foul weather will appreciate the Chippewa Modoc. It’s best for construction workers, landscapers, masons, equipment operators, park maintainers, and those working around sawmills. The boot is heavy enough for occasional chainsaw use.

Since the boot has such a flat, stable platform without a built-in roll, I wouldn’t recommend it for workers walking extended distances, such as trail maintainers.

Carolina LINESMAN 10

Carolina Boots Linesmen Boots

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Estimated Price $230
Height 10”
Uppers Black Full Grain Leather
Insole Poron Performance Cushioning Insole, Removable AG Polyurethane Footbed
Mid/Outsole Vibram Austin One-Piece Rubber Outsole
Waterproof No
Certifications ASTM Electrical Hazard, Impact Protection

Carolina’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Carolina Shoe Company is a division of H.H. Brown Shoe Company out of Greenwich, CT. Carolina was started up in 1963 and originally based out of Morganton, North Carolina. It’s now located in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania. They specialize in manufacturing work boots. Many of their boots are imported, but they still produce small runs of boots made in the USA. Over 80% of the materials in these boots are sourced from USA suppliers and assembled in their Union factory located in Martinsburg, PA. At times they may source materials and components from around the world when unavailable in the US. Carolina manufactures their boots with a higher quality welt construction.

None of their domestic line of boots made in the USA is made for women.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Carolina LINESMAN 10 Boots

The Carolina Linesman 10 boot, otherwise known as Style #905, is made primarily for electrical crew linesmen. However, any electrician working with high power can appreciate these boots as they can handle 18,000 volts at 60hz for one minute without leakage.

Being welt-constructed, these boots can be easily resoleable as needed.

These boots are recommended for linesmen, electricians, or anyone working around high voltage on a regular basis.

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Carolina INT LO Steel Toe

Carolina Int Steel Toe American Made Work Boots

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Estimated Price $220
Height 6”
Uppers Briar Pitstop Leather
Insole Pillow Cushion Insole, Radiantex Insole Board
Mid/Outsole Vibram Oil/Heat Resisting
Waterproof No
Certifications ASTM Electrical Hazard, Impact Protection

What We Like and Don’t Like About Carolina INT LO Steel Toe Boots

The Carolina INT LO STEEL TOE boot, otherwise known as Style #508, is a super heavy-duty foundry boot. It’s extremely heat resistant, electrical hazard certified, and impact resistant. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more rugged boot. It’s even welt-constructed and stitched with tough Kevlar for years of dependability. This boot can be easily resoleable as needed.

The heavy-duty leather-shielded plastic external met guard is lined with dense foam. It’s both impact and heat-resistant to protect the top of the foot against burning materials and heavy impacts.

These boots are made for welders, foundry workers, glass blowers, and metal cutters. Anyone needing a super-heavy-duty boot to protect against heavy impacts and hot materials will appreciate these boots.

Belleville Hot Weather Tactical Steel Toe Boot

Belleville 610zST Tactical Boots

Belleville Website

Estimated Price $210
Height 8”
Uppers 100% cattle hide leather & nylon fabric
Insole Single density molded removable insert
Mid/Outsole Highly Cushioned, Shock Absorbent Midsole/Vibram Incisor
Waterproof No
Certifications AR 670-1 and AFI 36-2903 Compliant; Army Combat Uniform

Belleville’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Belleville Shoe Manufacturing Co was started up in 1904 by a small group of local businessmen from the Belleville, Illinois area. As a successful venture, they received a large military contract in 1917, which evolved into a long-term relationship. Belleville is now the largest military supplier with a tactical research division focused on the R&D of improved military footwear. Belleville manufactures all of its footwear in the USA, and they make a full line of women’s work boots as well.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Belleville Hot Weather Tactical Steel Toe Boots

Had I known about these boots when I was a park ranger, I would have bought them. Although I didn’t work in desert conditions, we had enough hot and dry days during summer that my feet would have thanked me. Instead, I wore heavy-duty steel-toe work boots that made my feet sweaty and sore.

The Belleville Hot Weather Tactical Steel Toe Boots C312 ST is made for medium-duty use even though they’re lightly constructed. The steel toe makes them useful for light chainsaw work and working around heavy objects where foot injuries are more likely. Meanwhile, the breathability of the boot, soft, flexible outsole, and padded collar and tongue help to keep your feet dry and comfortable. These boots are oil/slip resistant, impact resistant, and electrical hazard certified.

These boots are assembled using cement construction as disposable boots. They also come in women’s sizes.

The Belleville Hot Weather Tactical Steel Toe Boots are made for people that put in a lot of miles walking while doing medium-duty work requiring toe protection. Best used by workers based in the American Southwest or in desert environments. Park rangers, outdoor maintainers, trail-builders, landscapers, and foremen will appreciate these boots.

Although built with a steel toe, these boots are not recommended for foresters or sawyers using chainsaws as their primary duty due to the light build of the boot.

Carhartt CMZ6040 6” Soft Toe Boot

Carhartt CMZ6040 Work Boots

View at Carhartt

Estimated Price $120
Height 6”
Uppers Leather
Insole Ortholite
Mid/Outsole Direct Attached Polyurethane
Waterproof Yes
Certifications ASTM/EH Standards

Carhartt’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Carhartt was founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt, and to this day, the company remains in the same family bloodline. Their company headquarters remain in Dearborn, Michigan, where the dream started with five employees and they also operate 13 manufacturing facilities within the United States, employing over 2,700 Americans today, as well as operating facilities in Mexico and Europe.

Carhartt started out only making denim overalls and has expanded its brand and product throughout the years, adding shoes around 1925. They appeal strongly to the average hard-working American by providing products that are built to stand up to life on the ranch or the job site.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Carhartt CMZ6040 6″ Soft Toe Boots

The CMZ6040 has all of the same features as the 8040 that is described above, the only difference being that it is the 6” option. This option allows for a little less bulk on the ankle and lower leg in case that is what you are looking for. It is still a classic style that can be worn for all indoor or outdoor needs. With the lower height, it could work better for more casual wear as well.

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Carhartt CMZ8040 8” Soft Toe Boot

Carhartt CMZ8040 Work Boots

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Estimated Price $120
Height 8”
Uppers Leather
Insole Ortholite
Mid/Outsole Direct-Attached Polyurethane
Waterproof Yes
Certifications ASTM/EH Standards

What We Like and Don’t Like About Carhartt CMZ8040 8” Soft Toe Boots

The CMZ8040 is a great classic style that is easy to maintain as well as a shoe that can be worn every single day. The taller height offers extra support for your ankles whether you are working outside chasing cattle or standing at a machine in the factory. The Carhartt brand is known for being built for everyday Americans by everyday Americans, and the bulk of their company shows that.

The only thing I don’t like about Carhartt boots and products for that matter is that they often label them “Made in USA or Imported,” meaning if you just place an order online, you can’t be sure if you’re getting a USA-made workbook. That’s why if you are considering Carhartt boots, I would try to get them at a physical store or contact the seller ahead of time to ensure the model you’re getting is not foreign-made.

This style of Carhartt is recommended for anyone who is looking for a sturdy boot, whether they are needing it for an inside controlled environment or outside with less predictable weather. It is a timeless style that, with some upkeep of the leather, should be well worth the great price it is being offered at.

Hoffman Thinsulate Safety-Toe Pac Boot

Hoffman Insulated Work Boots

Shop Hoffman Boots

Estimated Price $220
Height 10”, 12”, 14”
Uppers 7 – 7.5 Ounce Leather Upper, Rubber Bottoms, Polyester and Polyamide
Insole Comfort-driven cushion insole
Mid/Outsole Vibram Claw Lug
Waterproof Waterproof Rubber Bottoms
Certifications F2413-11 ASTM, EH-rated composite toe

Hoffman’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Having been in operation for over 30 years, Hoffman Boots is situated in Kellogg, Idaho. They make all of their pac boots using USA-sourced materials at their facility in Kellogg. They also sell a wide variety of heavy-duty hiking, logging, and work boots that are not made in the USA. Meanwhile, like most companies, Hoffman Boots does not make women-specific boot sizes.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Hoffman Thinsulate Safety-Toe Pac Boots

The Hoffman Thinsulate Safety-Toe Pac Boot is one of the toughest winter boots you’ll find. Not only are they built tough with a steel toe and full-grain leather, but they’re protected by layers of polyester and polyamide for chainsaw safety. The Thinsulate liner keeps your feet warm in winter conditions and is removable for times you need the boots when it’s mild and raining.

Any hard-working individual laboring outdoors in miserable, wintery, and wet conditions needing a heavy-duty boot will appreciate the Hoffman Thinsulate Safety-Tow Pac Boots. This includes those that operate chainsaws full-time like loggers, foresters, and tree crew.

Labonville Kevlar 2″ Heel Chainsaw Boot

Labonville American Made Work Boots

Shop Labonville Website

Estimated Price $300
Height 8”
Uppers Top Grain Oiled Leather, 2 Layer Kevlar
Insole 4000 insole new security
Mid/Outsole Matterhorn 1 piece Lug Sole
Waterproof LAB-TEC 100% Waterproof Membrane
Certifications Impact Resistant to ASTM Standards, Chainsaw

Labonville’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Immigrating from Canada during the Great Depression, Dolores & Emilien Labonville moved to New Hampshire looking for work and to make a living. They learned the logging trade, and by 1953, they founded Labonville Inc, which not only engaged in logging but also began making products for loggers. During the 1960s, Lebonville Inc. invented the Kevlar chainsaw chaps and have their original chaps displayed at the Smithsonian.

Based out of Gorham, NH, they now make several made-in-USA products for loggers.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Labonville Kevlar 2″ Heel Chainsaw Boots

The Labonville Kevlar Chainsaw Boots are one of just a few made in the USA dedicated chainsaw boots available. With top-grain quadruple-stitched and riveted leather, two layers of Kevlar, and a steel toe, these boots are made to protect your feet from severe chainsaw accidents. Meanwhile, lined with LAB-TEC 100% Waterproof Membrane and Cambrelle, the boots will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

The only downside is their weight. At ten pounds, these boots let you know they’re doing their job.

Labonville Kevlar Chainsaw Boots are most appreciated by loggers, foresters, tree workers, and anyone that uses a chainsaw for more than just light-duty. If you’re operating a professional-grade chainsaw with good horsepower, you’ll want these boots. These are very high-quality USA-made work boots with a great reputation.

Thorogood Wellington Briar Pitstop

Thorogood Wellington Boots

Thorogood USA

Estimated Price $235
Height 10.5”
Uppers Full Grain Leather
Insole Removable Single-Density Polyurethane
Mid/Outsole MAXWear9 Outsole
Waterproof No
Certifications Slip, ASTM F2413-11 or ASTM F2892-11

What We Like and Don’t Like About Thorogood Wellington Briar Pitstop

The Thorogood Wellington Briar Pitstop boot is a medium to a heavy-duty pull-on work boot. It’s made with double and triple-stitched full-grain leather. The boot is made tougher with a composite shank and composite toe. Lastly, the slip-resistant outsole is great for traction on mud and grass.

Because it’s made with Thorogood’s Emperor Toe, the toe box and composite protection are extra large and roomy to prevent chaffing of toes which is a problem for many steel toe boots. Being a pull-on, it’s a great option for a quick switch out to a tougher boot. The composite toe is excellent for working with livestock as it prevents the possibility of stapling as could occur with a steel toe.

This book is an excellent choice for farmers, ranchers, and worksite foremen. Anyone that needs a tough general-use work boot that needs quick changes in footwear could use this boot.

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LL Bean Women’s Bean Boots, 10″ Shearling-Lined

LL Bean Womens Insulated Boots

Shop LL Bean Website

Estimated Price $230
Height 10”
Uppers Full Grain Leather
Insole EVA Foam
Mid/Outsole Duckboot Rubber
Waterproof Yes

LL Bean’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

Around 1910, a hunter named Leon Leonwood Bean became disenchanted with his sopping wet hunting boots. Disgusted with Maine’s weather, he invented a boot with rubber bottoms and leather uppers. The limited use of rubber helped the boot to breathe through the uppers and made for a comfortable hunting boot. By 1921 his boots were refined enough to become the official boot of an Arctic expedition, and LL Bean Boots became legendary from that point forward. These boots are also a New England fashion mainstay that became popular among students attending private college-prep boarding schools.

LL Bean is a privately owned American company. Their original duck boots are still handmade from US-sourced materials in LL Bean’s Freeport, Maine facility. They’re also the only boot maker that offers a 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee which allows the original purchaser to return these boots for any reason within 1 year.

What We Like and Don’t Like About LL Bean’s Boots

The LL Bean Women’s Bean Boots, 10″ Shearling-Lined edition of their duck boots, perfect for working in New England’s miserable mixed weather. They excel during times of heavy rain and heavy snow. Stabilized with a steel shank, these boots are tough enough to handle light-duty work or to carry heavier loads. They are also a fashionable choice for boots among women living in New England.

The only problem I have with these boots is that they’re not available with toe protection. Like the men’s Hoffman Thinsulate Safety-Toe Pac Boot, these boots could be so much more and fill a much-needed niche among hard-working women.

Landscapers, snow removal experts, surveyors, field architects, and even professors working in miserable mixed participation climates will appreciate these light-duty boots.

Bates USMC Lightweight Tactical Boot

Bates Mens USMC Boots

Shop Bates Footwear

Estimated Price $225
Height 7”
Uppers Leather & Nylon
Insole Durashock technology
Mid/Outsole Synthetic
Waterproof Yes
Certifications Berry Compliant

Bates’s Origin and Manufacturing Locations

The Bates footwear brand was founded in 1885 by Andrew Jackson Bates and was bought by Wolverine World Wide, which is headquartered in Rockford, Michigan, in 1969. The Bates brand prides itself on finding footwear that works for all tactical jobs, and this boot in particular is geared for the United States Military.

The Wolverine Brand founded its own tannery in 1908 and has continued to specialize in the leathers used in its products. This boot uses what they call the “Warrior Leather,” which is USA military-approved for its waterproof pigskin nubuck.

While Wolverine is a worldwide company, its roots are here in the United States, and they still have several styles that are manufactured on U.S. soil, including the USMC Lightweight Durashock.

What We Like and Don’t Like About Bates USMC Lightweight Tactical Boots

The USMC Lightweight Durashock boot has been thoroughly tested and is backed by a company that has been perfecting its products since 1885. The customer reviews I read stated over and over that they did the job they needed to do, and one customer had even been buying the same style since 2006. Repeat business is definitely the highest compliment a shoe can attain.

The Durashock technology helps reduce shocks and hard blows while sending that energy back into the foot, which is a great attribute for the feet that will be putting this style through some tough trips.

This particular style is obviously going to be marketed towards the United States Military, as one of its branches is directly in the name. The boot has been tested for this specific job which helps build its strong rapport with its customers.

The Warrior Leather is designed for high breathability while also being resistant to outside elements such as water, oil, and fungus. Whether you are a brand new recruit or a seasoned officer, this boot will work with you as you put it through all types of situations, and you can rest assured knowing that your feet will be protected.

Factors We Considered:

As with many other products manufactured in the United States, there are variations of what that means for work boots. I first eliminated any boots that were merely assembled here using most or all imported parts and materials. This eliminated many of the boots labeled as built in America.

I focused on boots that were handmade or manufactured, with at least 70% of their materials being sourced in the US. This qualified as Made in the USA. Some boots are handmade in the USA using only US-sourced materials. I also considered some tactical boots as work boots since there is some crossover in the design and protection offered.

Lastly, I did not list any custom-made boot operations because they did not contribute styles significantly different than what was already presented. I also did not consider boot makers that only made dress boots.

Wrapping Things Up:

The United States makes some of the best work boots in the world, with some of them being more specialized. Whether you need a pull-on boot or a more traditional style boot, there is something for everyone.

Unfortunately, there are just not many options for women if trying to buy American. Red Wing has the most fashionable line of women’s work boots, but they lack practicality on a heavy-duty job site. Danner has the most practical options, but there are clear gaps in the product line. Belleville offers a lot of tactical boots for women, but again, they specialize in that one segment. The other boot makers barely scratch the surface.

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  1. Nice layout of boots. I’m Looking always had Red Wings and Chippewas. Love both keep two pairs on hand at all times, so looking for replacement units.


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