Where Are American Eagle Jeans Made? 2022 Overview

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American Eagle Outfitters has been a staple of American fashion for almost five decades now. Beyond their global impact, American Eagle has always stood out due to its high-quality, ever-beloved jeans, entwined with American living standards. But understanding their large-scale operations may bring into question whether they sew and stitch their jeans in the United … Read more

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Coveralls, bibs, and overalls are iconic pieces of American clothing. Whether you need a pair for a day on the farm, prefer not to have to wear jeans but want the durability of denim, or need something that covers your clothing due to your profession, they have you covered, literally. With so many different uses, … Read more

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Louis Vuitton, the multi-billion dollar elite fashion brand, was founded in 1854 in Paris, France. Even in the early days, owning Louis Vuitton was a status symbol. The brand exploded, and stores from New York to Beijing opened across the globe carrying their products. Today, society sees travel with a Louis Vuitton bag as the … Read more

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Are PF Flyers Shoes Made in the USA? 2022 Overview

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PF Flyers was once known to make some great shoes right here in America, but I was curious if they, like many other companies, had shifted their manufacturing overseas. I decided to reach out to the company and in the rest of this article, I’ll be sharing what their customer support told me, and we’ll … Read more

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When you open the lid of the shoebox and pull back the paper to reach in to get your new pair of Red Wing shoes, have you ever stopped to think about the journey they have already taken to get to you? How do they start from scraps of leather and pieces of materials to … Read more

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A quality backpack is a make-or-break accessory where quality is the determining factor between mission success or failure. In this guide, we’ve rounded up what little is left of the American-made backpack market still made by quality American talent. In our list, you’ll find a wide variety of backpacks for a myriad of different conditions … Read more