Desks Made in the USA (20 Top Brands in 2022)

Desks Made in USA Guide

Quality desks can last for decades and they’re often one of the most frequently used pieces of furniture in a home. That’s why we recommend choosing a desk made in the USA that’s well designed and a pleasure to work on. Thankfully, there are a ton of great American made desks the choose from! Whether … Read more

Where Are Bosch Appliances Made? 2022 Update

Where Are Bosch Appliances Made Guide

As a corporation, Bosch was founded in 1886, but it wasn’t until 1929 that the German behemoth would begin to reinvent home appliances for maximum convenience and luxury. Ever since, Bosch has been a thriving name and a force to reckon with when it comes to equipping your home with the finest most durable refrigerators, … Read more

Where Are DeWalt Tools Made? 2022 Update

Where Are DeWalt Tools Made Guide

DeWalt was founded in 1924 and since then has grown into an international tool behemoth that rakes in billions of dollars in revenue each year. It all started from humble beginnings in Leola, Pennsylvania. Although it’s an American-founded company, many consumers wonder where DeWalt tools are currently made. We’ll answer that below and share other … Read more

Where is Chrysler Made? 2022 Update

Where is Chrysler Made Guide

In the fold with Detroit’s Big Three car manufacturers, Chrysler was an American automobile legacy that like the other two carmakers, Ford and General Motors, suffered great upheaval in the global financial crisis of 2008. While Chrysler and GM were given a government bailout, it had different outcomes for both companies. In the rest of … Read more

American Made Appliances (20 Top Brands in 2022)

Appliances Made in USA Guide

Home and kitchen appliances play a big role in making our lives so much easier, so it’s important to choose them carefully. And when it comes to quality, durability, and performance, American made appliances stand out from the rest! From dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and much more, this guide will share both established and smaller … Read more

Where Are Kobalt Tools Made & Who Makes Them? 2022 Update

Where Are Kobalt Tools Made Guide

Lowe’s launched Kobalt tools in 1998. They have one of the most extensive lines of power tools and hand tools. If you love the quality from Craftsman, Kobalt offers much of the same quality as they were meant to compete with that Sears brand. Being such a popular brand, many consumers wonder where Kobalt tools … Read more

15 Pajamas Made in the USA (2022’s Top Brands)

Pajamas Made in USA Guide

Pajamas might seem like an area to skimp when it comes to clothing, but getting a night of quality sleep is imperative to prime mental health and vital to your physical health. One of the easiest ways to set yourself up for a great night of sleep is by investing in a comfortable pair of … Read more

Where Are LG Appliances Made? 2022 Update

Where Are LG Appliances Made Guide

Starting in 1958 under the brand name GoldStar, LG has become one of the most reputable names in the world of home appliances. They were the first company in South Korea to make appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. Understanding that this company isn’t American, you may wonder where they build LG appliances. In … Read more

Where Are Hoka Shoes Made? 2022 Update

Where Are Hoka Shoes Made Guide

Well known for their comfort, low heel drop, and minimal weight, Hoka One One had ultramarathon runners embrace its shoes for those desirable qualities. However, all types of runners soon took to the Hoka shoes because of their cushioning and minimal weight. With so much success many customers wonder where Hoka shoes are made, so … Read more

Where is IKEA Furniture Made? 2022 Update

Where is IKEA Furniture Made Featured Image

He dreamed of improving life for as many people as possible by offering wooden furniture that everyone could afford. In 1947, Ingvar Kamprad, at the age of 17, started IKEA in Almhult, located in southern Sweden. He began by selling furniture from local manufacturers. In 2008, the brand became the largest furniture retailer in the … Read more