Where Are Hoka Shoes Made? 2024 Overview

Where Are Hoka Shoes Made Guide

Well known for their comfort, low heel drop, and minimal weight, Hoka One One had ultramarathon runners embrace their shoes for those desirable qualities. However, all types of runners soon took to the Hoka shoes because of their cushioning and minimal weight. With so much success, many customers wonder where Hoka shoes are made, so … Read more

Where Are Cannondale Bikes Made? 2024 Overview

Where Are Cannondale Bikes Made Featured Image

Cannondale, one of the leading bike companies in the industry, didn’t start by producing bikes. In fact, they began as a concrete manufacturer in 1971, and they didn’t produce their first bike until 1983—a touring bike. In 1984, Cannondale followed up with a mountain bike and a racing cycle. Being one of the biggest bike … Read more

Where Are GE Appliances Made? 2024 Overview

Where Are GE Appliances Made Guide

GE is undoubtedly one of the major innovators in the world of appliances. The brand’s reputation speaks for itself, and the company is responsible for major innovations such as the self-cleaning oven and the over-the-range microwave. The American-founded company is extremely popular, but many consumers wonder where GE currently manufactures its appliances. In the rest … Read more

12 Great Gas Grills Made in the USA (2024 Brands List)

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Whether you’re hosting a gathering of friends or cooking a meal for your family at home, having an exceptional grill is a game-changer. Despite the trend of grill manufacturers turning to cheaper overseas production in recent years, there is still a strong selection of gas grills made in the USA to choose from. Most of … Read more

American Made Bikes (2024 List) Road, Mountain & More

Bikes Made in USA Guide

The bicycle is arguably one of the most impactful inventions in history. Countless Americans ride bikes on their daily commute, for exercise, in competitive sports, or simply for the fun of it. Modern bikes are designed for road use, gravel biking, and mountain biking, with some hybrid options being suitable for a mixture of the … Read more

Where Are Goodyear Tires Made? 2024 Overview

Where Are Goodyear Tires Made Guide

Goodyear Tires, the classic all-American company, has grown into a multinational tire manufacturing company since starting in 1898 in Akron, Ohio. In this article, we’ll cover facts about the location of where Goodyear tires are made as well as the manufacturing practices of the largest tire manufacturing company in the world. Goodyear makes its tires … Read more

Where Are Pirelli Tires Made? 2024 Overview

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It’s not uncommon to find a vehicle in the United States equipped with a set of Pirelli tires, which may beg the question, are Pirelli tires made in the USA? While extremely popular in America and coming in as the fifth largest tire manufacturer in the world based on sales, this company has a presence … Read more

12 Great Cowboy Boots Made in the USA (2024 Source List)

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The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a great pair of American-made cowboy boots is the smell of leather. It takes you back to a time when life was simpler, and products were designed to last. Thankfully there are still many great cowboy boots made in the USA, and the companies … Read more

27 Reasons Why Buying American Made Products Matters (2024)

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In a perfect world, we would be able to make everything in our own country and not have to depend on foreign companies for anything. America would be 100% self-sufficient. This world, unfortunately is anything but perfect. Thus, we have to depend on other countries for many everyday items and a lot of materials we … Read more

10 USA Made Lunch Boxes & Bags (2024 Source List)

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A lunch box is an inexpensive and handy tool to keep food fresh and preserved on the go. Many lunch boxes are cheaply made overseas, but thankfully there are still many great USA-made lunch boxes and bags. We’ve made sure that each lunch box on this list is not just one of the best in … Read more